Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1173

    Chapter 1173: Beauty!

    Update 2 years ago

    Black Religion was magical. Each and every piece in the line had different colors and styles. After being published in the media, every socialite in Imperial visited History and wanted to buy its products.

    However, History released news that each piece of Black Religion outfit would only be limited to 50 units and that it would not be for sale at the moment. In just a few days' time, the priceof every piece of Black Religion outfit was hiked up to the unbelievable prices of seven figures.

    And because of Black Religion, History's sales boosted significantly, they became even more popular than before.

    On Weibo, Black Religion shot to the top of the hot topic list.

    The moment Black Religion was released, Spirit was gravely criticized by many.

    [Spirit is the joke of the century! Do they dare to say that History's potential is lost? Their level is totally different. Do you know Black Religion? It's priced at seven figures now and it's limited to 50 pieces worldwide! History's the real deal. If "Black Religion" were to be mass-produced, do you think Spirit can survive?]

    [Don't be so cocky just because your are a supporter of History! It's true that Black Religion is good, but no one knows what will happen next!]

    [Spirit's dogs, where are you? Where were the ones who said History was coming to an end?]

    [Spirit is really shameless. They reek of a disgusting smell. Not only did they plagiarize History, they even looked down on History, and now they've gone all quiet when "Black Religion" is released?]

    History's newly released line made their fans go crazy and the voices of Spirit's supporters quickly faded away. Most of Spirit's fans urged Spirit to come up with a new series better than "Black Religion", or else, they would turn their backs on them.

    In Spirit's office, Ning Xi stared at the Black Religion article on the fashion magazine and frowned.

    "Impossible!" Gong Shangze stared at the magazine in his hand. "David could have never designed something like this!"

    "You mean...?" Ning Xi actually understood what Gong Shangze meant. If David was really this capable, would he really need to steal Gong Shangze's designs earlier?

    "I'm not sure." Gong Shangze shook his head. "But I can guarantee that David is not this talented. I thinksomeone else is helping History!"

    "Whether or not someone is helping History, Black Religion has already been created. It's a fatal blow to Spirit. History's market share has been way higher than ours recently. It's going to be bad if this goes on any longer," Ning Xi said.

    "But isn't it just Black Religion that's taking the world by storm? Director Gong, why don't you create a White Religion and counter History!?" Han Momo made a cup of coffee for Ning Xi while she cheered Gong Shangze on.

    "It's not easy." Dread filled Gong Shangze'seyes. "Black Religion's popularity isn't a fluke. Ancient Oriental elements of darkness were incorporated and it merges perfectly with the concept of Buddhism's core idea. It's a real beauty!"

    Han Momo was surprised. Was Black Religion really this powerful? To the point that even the difficult Gong Shangze found it hard to surpass?