Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1171

Chapter 1171: Breathtaking!

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Usually, David would not be willing to interact with Han Xiao, so he rarely went to the design department.

Ning Xueluo knew to strike while the iron was hot. Now that most of the netizens thought that Spirit was copying them, they could topple over Spirit once and for all if Han Xiao could design a high-quality apparel in this short period of time!

"Follow me to the design department,"Ning Xueluo ordered as she made her way out of the office and walked towards the design department.

Helplessly, David followed after her.


Moments later, in History's design department.

The originally snow white wall had been scribbled to a complicated mess by Han Xiao using water color pen, and it was filled with images that were hard to comprehend.

"Mr. Han Xiao, when can you show us some of your work?" When she stepped into the department, Ning Xueluo stared at Han Xiao who was sitting on the chair and smiled.

Han Xiao lifted his cap to peek at her and did not respond to Ning Xueluo. He only leafedthrough the drafts on his table.

Ning Xueluo received the hint and walked up to him, spreading out the design drafts and examining them closely.


Moments later, there was astonishment in Ning Xueluo's eyes.

There were a total of ten design drafts of various apparels. If one were to look at them individually, they looked run-of-the-mill and did not seem particularly attractive, but once you put the ten pieces together, the uniqueness of Han Xiao's designs were finally revealed to Ning Xueluo and David.

The contents if the completed drafts had an irresistible charm that made one want to dive into it; just one look would make one completely sink into it.

"Darkness, suffering...and death..."

"The entire artistic direction is supernatural, creating a kind of dejected feel. The detailed motifs add a sense of witchcraft, and with the abyss, the night, a looming curse, loneliness, despair, it all makes one feel like they have reached hell on Earth just by looking at it..."

David examined the assembled drafts and felt his forehead break out in a cold sweat.

This was a completely avant-garde style with the dark elements. It reached the peak of unconventionality, yet this kind of gothic style was not completely unacceptable. It could even be called perfection. Even a plain woman would have an increase in charisma once donning this outfit, and that unnamed arrogance would only virtually create a stronger presence.

"This is so beautiful..."

Most importantly, this was just simply unique and eye-catching. It would definitely fit with the crowd's hunt for novelty.

Ning Xueluo's eyes lit up. She had seen similar styles from other designs that used darkness and death as a theme, but to be frank, the entire style would cause people to be uncomfortable and even a little fearful. Ultimately, people would not even wear them.

On the other hand, Han Xiao's design had an entirely different feel to it. Even though it was full of murky colors of despair, there was no murderous vibe to it. Instead, it held an extremely elegant and vintage flavor of the mysterious Oriental culture.

Even Ning Xueluo herself could not help but want to own this piece.

"How...long did you take to design this?" Ning Xueluo retrieved her gaze reluctantly and asked Han Xiao.

"What's the meaning behind your question?"

"I'm just a little curious."

"Then, it's best that you rein in that curiosity back in." Han Xiao was expressionless, yet his eyes could chill one to the bone.