Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1170

    Chapter 1170: Earn Marriage Capital

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    After she returned from the Zhuang family, Ning Xi quickly rushed to Platinum Palace to accompany the big and small buns. She even made time the next day to go to Ocean Park with them.

    A short break later, she delved back into the path of earning money for marriage!

    Spirit had been enjoying rapid progress recently, and their market share began to overtake History by leaps and bounds. History began to be questioned by the media and public over their performance. Ever since those striking designs that made their name and put History at the top dwindled, History started to go downhill and released new design at a slower pace. Unfortunately, none of them could achieve the quality of their famous pieces and they even resorted to plagiarizing their own past work, upsetting all their customers.

    On the other hand, History's greatest rival, Spirit, did not stop with their energy. They had new products on the racks every other time and their design quality was very balanced. This also earned Spirit a lot of diehard fans.

    On History's official Weibo forum, there were some onlookers who questioned History every day. They caused many of History's loyal fans to be upset and even spew vulgarities.

    [What about Spirit?! They're just a counterfeit copy of History's concept!]

    [If it were not for History's breathtaking opportunity that opened up the market to more potential, Spirit would not have gotten to where it is today.]

    [Every industry has its bottleneck phase. Designers aren't gods either. Inspiration takes time.]

    [Some of these useless people are so lowly. You're all just hired by Spirit, aren't you? This is so funny. You're saying that History plagiarized Spirit's design ideas. Do your parents know you're so good at writing? I'm not sure where Spirit was when History's brand became famous. I think there really is plagiarism for sure, but it's Spirit plagiarizing History's ideas. History is tolerating them to not fuss over minor matters, but now they dare to hit back! What a trashy brand! Only trashy people would like a trashy brand like Spirit.]

    [I think we should speak with truth. History's initial pieces were indeed very stunning, so History easily took over the entire market and won initial success. But look at Spirit's old designs. They're indeed very similar to History's famous designs but they had more charm. This was what History did not do at the start. Perhaps, this whole plagiarism thing might not be a baseless claim. As for whether anyone copied the other, it should not be based on which brand had succeeded first.]

    [That guy up there is obviously Spirit's fifty cents party [1], Spirit probably paid you more than fifty cents, huh?]

    [+10086 points to that!]

    [What a joke! History's retarded fangirls are like crazy dogs, biting anyone they catch with no rationale at all.]

    [Haha, I'm laughing, I just want to say to Spirit's fifty cents party: eff off!]

    [Spirit's retarded fifty cents party is pure dumbass.]


    Spirit and History's loyal supporters exploded on Weibo and even made it to the latest hot topics.

    At History's headquarters, Ning Xueluo looked at the hot topics on Weibo on her phone. News about History and Spirit spilled all over the pages.

    Now, the online news was all over the rivalry and most of the fingers pointed at Spirit copying History. It looked like more netizens were joining the conversation. Ning Xueluo's mouth curved into a smile.

    "David, how's Han Xiao's design coming along?" Ning Xueluo put down her phone and looked to David to ask.

    "Well..." David stunned, then he shook his head and shrugged to show that he did not know. Ever since Han Xiao came to History, he had completely taken over the design department and even the department's employees had been chased out by him. The entire department consisted of only Han Xiao.