Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 117

Chapter 117: This is Defying The Heavens

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"Ah! Its raining " There was a cry from the crowd.

Because the lanterns were made of paper, and some of the lotus-shaped ones werent even covered, they were instantly put out by the rain.

Ning Xi, who had been just about to kiss Jiang Muye, stopped because of this sudden change, and instinctively covered her head with her hands. "Why is it raining? Ouch, it hurts! Why does it seem that its even hailing?!"

Jiang Muye had been so nervous that his heart had nearly stopped beating, but as a result of the abrupt stop to the scene, he almost passed out from lack of air. "Damn it! Hasnt there been a drought recently? It hasn't rained for months! And why the hell is it hailing on such a hot day?!"

In the car, Lu Jingli was baffled.

Raining? The weather had been fine, how could it be raining? Eh, wait hearing the thumps on the roof of the car, it seemed like it was even hailing heavily

At this moment, Lu Jingli had a flash of realization. His mouth twitched as he stared speechlessly at his elder brother, who was still as a mountain and didnt look the least bit surprised. "You actually made it rain brother, you're defying the heavens! And isnt this a little too fierce? Its even hailing!"

Seeing how filming had been forced to stop, the pressure around Lu Tingxiao retreated like a tide, and his thin lips spit out one cold word: "Drive."

"Yes, Eldest Young Master." The driver started the engine, and in the dark, the black car silently left the filming site.

Guo Qisheng also hadnt expected such a situation to happen, and was very distraught. If the filming earlier had continued, it would definitely have been an incredibly beautiful image.

"Ah, forget it, nothing good comes easy! Let's call it a day! But don't leave yet, lets have dinner together! Last time we werent able to have a dinner to welcome Muye, so we must do it today!" Guo Qisheng said to everyone.

The production crew had been suffering a lot of setbacks recently, so this was a good time to mingle and bond with each other.

The staff who had been listless because of the sudden change in weather instantly perked up and cheered.

Jiang Muye gave an unenthusiastic response he was clearly in a bad mood.

Ning Xi threw a towel at him. "What kind of expression is that? Are you disappointed that I didnt force a kiss on you?

"Rubbish, Im just not happy that I have to act it out with you again!" Jiang Muye glared at her, then said in a warning tone, "Dont tell me youre busy again tonight?"

"Im not, why would I be busy!" Ning Xi said as she sent Lu Tingxiao a message out of habit to let him know.

Jiang Muye sneaked a look at her phone to see the text she was sending, then realized something wasnt right. "Ning Xiao Xi, why did you change your WeChat nickname?"

The original "Loneliness like Never-ending Arrows in the Void" had been changed to "Sugar Xiao Xi".

"Mm, because of Lu Tingxiao," Ning Xi replied.

Jiang Muye's pupils contracted. "Lu Tingxiao made you change it? He told you to change, then you did! You used that nickname for so many years, no matter how much I laughed at you before, you were too lazy to change it! But you actually changed it when he made you do it?"

Ning Xi looked haughtily at him. "Can you not get so worked up? He didn't ask me to change it, okay?"

"Then why did you change it?"

"Its because he didn't make me change it, and he even said my nickname wasnt bad, and wanted me to help think of a similar one for him!"

Jiang Muye: "" F***! His uncle had savage skills in picking up girls! Even this could work?

Ning Xi sighed. "You know, its fine for a rough guy like me to use such a shocking name. But he is the CEO of a listed corporation, if I lead him astray with Martian language, wouldnt I be committing too big a sin? So I spent a long time trying to persuade him that Martian language was obsolete, and to prove it, I even changed my own nickname!"