Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1168

    Chapter 1168: Calling You Handsome

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    Ning Xi thought about it and suddenly remembered something. "I just heard the news that a hidden illegal casino has been destroyed and that all the punks present were arrested. The police station almost couldn't fit them it you?"

    The more she thought about it, the more she felt it must have been Lu Tingxiao...

    Lu Tingxiao did not say anything. He remained in his cool and elegant posture.

    Ning Xi instantly let go of the little bun and snuggled into the big bun's embrace. She hopped up to kiss the man's chin. "Big Boss, thank you!"


    She had used a lot of energy to console both the big bun and the small bun. After she promised to make up for it in the future, Ning Xi made her way to the Zhuang family's residence.

    The moment she reached the military district yard, there were men ready to bring her to the Zhuang residence.

    At the residence gate, a graceful and subdued woman waited. When she saw the girl beside the security guard, the woman looked suspicious and did not walk over to greet her.

    "Xiao Xi! You're here!" Behind her, Zhuang Keer ran out from inside the house and greeted the girl beside the guard.

    Ning Xi smiled. "Keer!"

    When she confirmed that this girl in a light pink dress with waist-length hair was Ning Xi, Meng Linlang gaped in disbelief. "Keer, this...this is the Xiao Xi you guys talked about?"

    Ning Xi was prepared to accompany Lu Tingxiao and the little bun today, so she looked very domesticated like a true well-behaved maiden. She was probably poles apart from what Meng Linlang had imagined her to look like.

    "Yes, Mother!" Zhuang Keer led Ning Xi to Meng Linlang and introduced her to Ning Xi, "Xiao Xi, this is my mother!"

    "Madam Zhuang, nice to meet you," Ning Xi greeted her. The woman before her was probably in her thirties, at most. She had an oval-shaped face with red phoenix eyes and her aura was a classic beauty. She practically looked like sisters with Zhuang Keer and Ning Xi could not hide the marvel in her eyes.

    "Nice to meet you. Good girl, I finally meet you! I've heard them describe you and I thought you...I didn't think you would be such a beautiful, well-mannered girl. Quickly, come in and we'll continue!" Meng Linlang intimately pulled Ning Xi by the hand and led her into the house.

    Meng Linlang had never met Ning Xi before and had only heard the description of her from her husband and children. They said that her marksmanship was more amazing than Rongguang's and that her combat was remarkable, and how she did not flinch when killing the drug lords. From all of that, she had always thought Ning Xi was an, especially tough girl. She did not think she would be this obedient and sweet.

    In the living room, Zhuang Rongguang was holding onto an English dictionary with a long-standing resentment but when he saw Ning Xi, his eyes lit up the way a fan would when meeting their idol. "Sis Xi, you're here! Have a seat!"

    Then, he served her tea and brought her some dessert.

    Today, Zhuang Rongguang had worn a simple white tee and jeans. This 18-year-old was in the spring of his lifetime and oozing with youthfulness.

    Ning Xi sized him up and could not help but tease, "If you looked like this before, would your girlfriend have run off with someone else?"

    Zhuang Rongguang was embarrassed from the teasing. "Sis Xi, don't expose my dark past!"

    "Did I? I'm calling you handsome!"

    "Hahaha, really?"


    When she saw how her spoilt child had become the way he was now, Meng Linlang felt a mix of emotions and her gaze at Ning Xi filled with gratitude. "You guys continue to chat here. I still have two dishes to finish!"

    When Zhuang Rongguang heard her, he immediately extended his hand and insisted, "Mother! Mother, don't go! Let the nanny do it!"