Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1160

    Chapter 1160: What Had She Been Through

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    "Now, I owe that girl another one again" Zhuang Liaoyuan sighed.

    Zhuang Keer was really grateful for Ning Xi. It was the first time she met someone like Ning Xi. If someone treated her just a little nicer, Zhuang Keer would do anything to repay them.

    Zhuang Liaoyuan studied his son. "Ill make arrangements for what you mentioned just now as long as youre determined to change! Also, its Saturday tomorrow, so spend some time with your grandfather at the care center. Let him worry less about you! As for what happened last night, you can tell him about it, but dont tell him like how you broke it to me. I almost killed you instantly. You know your grandfather has a heart condition!"

    "I understand, I know what to say!"

    "Okay, go and take care of your wound!"


    At midnight, Zhuang Liaoyuan stood beside the window. He gazed outside with a complicated expression.

    Lets hope that the child will really grow up this time

    Many people mature after experiencing some life-changing events. As for Ning Xi...for her to be where she is now, what has she gone through?

    The next day, at Historys main office in Imperial, Ning Xueluo did not look very happy. David and several other core members were also present.

    Besides the Zhuang family drama being ruined, History was also not doing well.

    The quality of their latest product was especially far weaker than before. Even though the design department would release new designs from time to time, it was getting worse. Spirit and the fashion media would pressure them.

    David was the most uneasy one among everyone present. As the head of the design department, of course, he understood the main issue lay with him. If History had no more high-quality designs, Spirit would overtake them soon enough.

    "Is there anything youd like to say?"

    Ning Xueluo suddenly turned around and looked at David.


    As David was about to come up with an explanation, Ning Xueluo interrupted him, "I dont need your explanation, I just want results." Ning Xueluos sounded indifferent. "Spirits recent designs are becoming more and more popular. They're taking a really huge hit at History. Spirits business is growing bigger and bigger. What is the design department doing!?"

    "Thats right. In the end, the one that put us up at the top spot is the design department...and all these responsibilities should fall under you, David, since youre the design director," one of the members said.

    David glared at that person, then turned towards Ning Xueluo as he was freaking out.

    "Did you find the person I asked you to?" Ning Xueluo asked.

    David knew who Ning Xueluo was talking about. It was the genius from Italy, Han Xiao.

    However, putting Han Xiao and fashion design together was odd, and people had already forgotten about him long ago. Who knew if he was still as good as before? Moreover, David did not want to be near that crazy guy, so he had not really paid much attention to it when Ning Xueluo mentioned it previously.

    Of course, most importantly, he was worried that his position would be affected.

    To look for a designer that was surely better than him, and with such a troublesome character spelt trouble for him!