Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 116

    Chapter 116: When They Actually Kiss

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    Filming began.

    Hawkers selling lanterns or hosting lantern riddles lined the streets, and people bustled about with lanterns in their hands. There was cheerful chatter and laughter everywhere.

    Sun Huanqing had been confined in his clinic seeing patients, so Meng Changge had dragged him out.

    The camera followed the two people. Under the lens, a boy and a girl ran along Changan Street, which was ablaze with light. It was an incomparably beautiful scene

    This scene didnt have a lot of dialogue, and focused mainly on the scenery and changes in the main characters expressions.

    Meng Changge was in high spirits. Sun Huanqing had been reluctant in the beginning, but was eventually infected by the girl's enthusiasm. They walked together in the crowd.

    After a while, Sun Huanqing suddenly realized that the girl was still pulling on his hand, so he hurriedly struggled to free himself.

    Meng Changge held on obstinately, her expression proclaiming that the hand belonged to her.

    Sun Huanqing said urgently, "Miss Meng, please behave yourself. Men and women are forbidden to have intimate contact!"

    Meng Changge frowned as she stared at him. "You nerd,if I let go and were separated, then what?"

    "If we get separated, then so be it!" Sun Huanqing was so annoyed and ashamed that he spoke without thinking.

    "Sun Huanqing! You" Angry, Meng Changge threw his hand away and ran into the crowd.

    Seeing the red of her clothes gradually disappear into the crowd, Sun Huanqings expression gradually became more anxious. Recently, there had been rumors of a rapist in the capital, and girls from a number of households had already gone missing. It was so chaotic in the street today, and she was just a girl, what if something happened to her!

    At this moment, Sun Huanqing only felt concern for Meng Changge, completely forgetting that she was a little devil even if she encountered the rapist, he would be the unlucky one.

    The camera lens began to follow Sun Huanqing as he searched non-stop for Meng Changge. Just as Sun Huanqing was about to collapse, someone suddenly patted him from behind on his shoulder.

    When he turned around, he saw a lively person in a mask standing in front of him, who spoke in a triumphant voice. "Doctor Sun, you were looking for me!"

    Hearing the girl's familiar voice, Sun Huanqing came alive again with joy, and pulled her into his arms.

    Sun Huanqing was always so pedantic and conservative, and it was clear that Meng Changge hadnt expected him to act that way,so she instantly froze

    The next scene was when Meng Changge would initiate a kiss with Sun Huanqing. The fans watching at a distance held their breaths in excitement, and were afraid to make a sound. Just imagining the first kiss between the two people, they knew it would definitely be the most beautiful scene!

    At the same time, there was a person who was even more afraid to make a sound, and that was Lu Jingli, sitting in the black car.

    Lu Jingli curled up against the window as far away from his brother as possible, so scared he didnt even dare open his eyes to look.

    He definitely didn't believe that his brother could watch them without doing anything; just now, seeing Ningxi hold Jiang Muyes hand, and the image of the two people hugging, the temperature in the car had already plunged to freezing. What would happen when they actually kissed?

    There wasnt going to be a bloody scene later, was there?

    Whatever Lu Jingli let himself think, he still couldnt figure out how his brother would stop the scene without making Ning Xi angry.

    Lu Jingli carefully looked at the screen between his fingers, and saw Ning Xi slowly remove her mask. She looked at Jiang Muye with deep affection, reached out to pull Jiang Muye down by the neck

    Over, over, it was over! Someone was going to die!

    As Lu Jingli wailed in his heart, he suddenly saw the lanterns on set go out one by one, as if they were being extinguished by his brothers silently burning rage. What a terrifying sight!