Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 115

    Chapter 115: The Calm Before The Storm

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    At present, night had just fallen and the light was perfect. The props team had already set up the scene, and all the actors were in their places.

    After changing into his costume, Jiang Muye was unexpectedly a little nervous.

    Although he and Ning Xi had dated before, he hadnt even touched a finger, let alone kiss her.

    He had never expected that the first time they would kiss wouldnt be when they were in a relationship, but instead while they were acting.

    He was about to take a deep breath to adjust his mood, but wassuddenly hit in the back by a huge force. It was Ning Xi, who was in a smart, tight-fitting costume with her hair up in a high ponytail. Lazily, she put one arm around his shoulders. "Whats the matter, blondie? Dont tell me youre nervous?"

    "Get lost! Whos nervous! Ive shot more kissing scenesthan you have eaten rice!" Jiang Muye pushed her away ill-naturedly, and the shoulder she had been leaning on felt like it was burning.

    At this moment, Guo Qisheng walked over to them anxiously. "We cant clear the film site, will the two of you be okay?"

    When filming this kind of scene, the site would sometimes be cleared so that only staff remained, to avoid actors becoming too embarrassed to act well.

    Ning Xis face was relaxed as she shrugged. "Im okay! Senior Jiang says he has filmed more kissing scenes than I have eaten rice, so itsunnecessary to clear the site!"

    Guo Qisheng laughed loudly. "Then lets start!"

    After saying that, he comforted the both of them. "Because this is the most important kiss in the whole film, Im going to ask more of you. But after all, both of you are just starting to adapt to each other, so it doesnt matter if you cant do well at first, well take it slow.Its fine for you to try it several more times!"

    Hearing the director say they could try several more times, Jiang Muyes mouth twitched. He totally didnt feel he was being comforted; instead, his heart beat faster.

    What the actual hell, its just a kissing scene! Why is your heart beating so fast!

    No one realized that above their heads, a few mini HD camera drones were hovering in the sky. Furthermore, less than one hundred meters from the film site, a black car was parked quietly on a street corner.

    In the backseat of the car, multiple frames of the scene were being clearly projected onto a screen.

    Lu Tingxiao was in a dark-colored suit, his shirt scrupulously buttoned to the top. He braced slender fingers against his forehead, and his dark pupils reflected the light of the screen. He looked silently at the girl who had appeared on the screen after changing into her costume.

    Beside him, Lu Jingli poked his head out of the car to look around one moment, then watched the screen inside the car the next. He had a bewildered look on his face. "Brother, are you really just going to watch them like this, and do nothing at all? Then wouldnt it have been better for you to stay home? Out of sight, out of mind. Isnt this just asking to be tortured?"

    With that, he stared in dread at his brothers perfect profile in the dim light, and murmured to himself, "If you dont explode in the silence, youll die in it why do I have a bad feeling about this!"

    After all, he had grown up with Lu Tingxiao, and he understood his personality too well. On the outside, this guy might seem particularly cold, proud and desirous of nothing, when in fact, he was scarily possessive of anything that he had deemed as belonging to his territory.

    Ever since Ning Xi had shown up, almost all the expressions Lu Tingxiao wore showed his bright and gentle side. But Lu Jingli knew, as long as there was something he wanted, there was nothing he couldnt obtain. This was the patience of a beast on a hunt. This appearance was just a flimsy one; it was hard to say when it would give way with a bang, blasted into bits.

    Lately, he had been living on tenterhooks. After discovering that Jiang Muye that kid had actually dated Ning Xi before, he had sweated a lot for him.

    Ah, for the sake of that boy who was his nephew, he had to find an opportunity later to give him a warning! Otherwise, when the time came, he wouldnt know how he had died!