Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1144

    Chapter 1144: Practically A Monster!

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    In the instant that man fell to the ground with a bloody bullet hole in his forehead, those surrounding Ning Xi had a change in expression.

    One of them subconsciously touched his waist and indeed, it was bare.

    The gun in her hand was his. He did not even realize when she had taken it from him.

    God damn it!

    Now, among them were three leaders. One had fainted from this woman's kick the moment she walked in, another had been punched to a pulp, and the last one had been killed.

    These three people had recently started making their mark in Imperial. Rumor had it that they were malicious characters in the circle and ran heroin cartels at many casinos. They even had connections for weapons, yet today they had all fallen by the hand of a woman!

    If Ning Xi was a lunatic for beating someone up coldly earlier, the current version of her was practically a robot with a gun in hand. She was a heartless, murderous robot...

    Facing human lives, even if it were ruthless people like them, they would still tremble a little with a gun in their hands, yet this woman had not hesitated for half a second from the moment she whipped out the gun and aimed to kill!

    This was no sweet beauty. She was practically a monster!

    Zhuang Rongguang had covered Zhuang Keer's eyes while he watched Ning Xi kill someone with the gun, his face completely pale at this point.

    Even though he was born in a military family, this was his first time watching someone kill just a few steps away from him. A life was gone just like that.

    Under his father and grandfather's influence, he roughly knew that even if someone were incredibly talented in shooting, practicing and actual gunfire were two different things. Even if it were a professional police or a sniper with years of training, they did not dare to shoot a living person. They even needed a long time of counseling after killing someone for the first time...

    Nevertheless, no matter if it was before or after shooting, Ning Xi's expression seemed to not have changed at all...

    As he was suddenly caught in this bloody scene and seeing a living person killed before him, the fear in Zhuang Rongguang's heart had reached its peak. He felt even more admiration for this woman before him and a strong disdain for himself...

    Even though he was stupid, he was not entirely clueless. The instant he saw the man holding a gun, he knew that these people were not usual rogues who would not have guns!

    If it were not for Ning Xi's sharp marksmanship subduing them earlier, they would have counter-attacked like mad right now.

    As for him, not only did he involve his sister, but when she was being violated, he could only watch without any way of retaliating...

    "Xiao Xi!" When Zhuang Keer heard the gunshots, her entire being was engulfed in fear. She pushed away Zhuang Rongguang's hand that covered her eyes.

    When she saw that the person on the ground was the man with the gold chain while Ning Xi stood in the same spot unharmed, Zhuang Keer felt relieved and at the same time, her eyes were filled with worry...

    That shot...was Ning Xi?

    "Whore! Y-you're dead! killed someone! You actually killed someone!" One of the other men trembled in fear as he shouted.