Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1142

    Chapter 1142: An Alluring Woman

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    However, the man was instantly angered. He balled his fists and yelled at Zhuang Rongguang while everyone else watching had rushed to topple the teenager too...

    "Rongguang!" Zhuang Keer held on to her wrecked clothes and let out a shrill shriek.

    In the next second, Zhuang Keer was slapped and the tattooed man was even rougher as he pulled onto her hair, dragging her to a corner. "Whore! What are you shouting for!? Come here! I'll have you screaming later!"

    "Sis! Sis! Let go of her...ah!!!" Zhuang Rongguang was surrounded by the few men and beaten up. Slowly, he could not speak anymore. He could only fix his gaze on where Zhuang Keer was being pulled to, his eyes filled with tears.

    As he helplessly watched Zhuang Keer get dragged away while the man pinned her down to pull on her clothes, he could only watch as his sister was violated by the rogue. Zhuang Rongguang felt his heart was about to explode. His voice was already hoarse and he could only shout weaklylike a trapped animal, "Don't touch my sister! Don't touch her...don't touch my sister...don't touch her..."

    He had never, never hated himself this much as he did this very moment! He hated himself!

    He wanted to kill himself!

    He wished he could kill himself with a knife!

    He was an animal...

    An animal!


    At the entrance of the store, the man with the gold chain lit the cigarette of the blonde and revealed a worried expression. "I think that's about enough. Wouldn't this be going overboard? The boss only said to scare them a little!"

    "What are you rushing for? Since we're scaring them, we have to do it right! Didn't the boss say that he wanted to be the hero that saves the beauty to get the other person's goodwill? Obviously, we have to make it more realistic. That way, the effect will be better!" The blonde-haired man said nonchalantly.

    The man with the gold chain looked at Zhuang Keer and sinisterly grinned. "I'm just afraid that if we continue like this, Old K wouldn't be able to hold back. That chick is a real fresh one!"

    "Haha, if he can't hold back...then, we'll just let our buddies have some fun!" The blonde looked to the tattoed man who was clearly starting to lose control and sneered.

    The man with the gold chain instantly reprimanded, "Hey, don't mess around! That's Zhuang Liaoyuan's daughter!"

    "Pfft, so what if that's Zhuang Liaoyuan's daughter?" The blonde unhurriedly took out his phone and was ready to call the boss.

    Unexpectedly, at this moment, a person suddenly appeared at the entrance. She was decked in high heels and wore a wine red dress, covered by a black windbreaker and her naturally curly, long hair tumbled on her shoulders like kelp.

    It was an alluring woman.

    The cigarette of the man with the gold chain fell to the ground from his mouth, while the blonde guy had forgotten about his call too. Even the man who was ripping Zhuang Keer's clothes had stopped to gape astonishedly at the woman.

    "Xiao Xi, run! Quickly run! Quickly leave this place! Run!"

    When those people had not noticed, Zhuang Keer had randomly pressed a number on her mobile phone and secretly sent a message to cry for help. However, when she had seen that it was Ning Xi's number, she regretted it, worried that Ning Xi would be in danger because of her...

    Who would have thought that the thing she was worried most about had still happened?

    When she saw that Ning Xi had actually come alone, Zhuang Keer was immediately alarmed and quickly shouted for her to leave.

    At the ruined entrance of the store and with her back to the dim moonlight, the woman's black windbreaker was wantonly teased by the wind. When her eyes fell to the corner where the girl was pinned down by a man with her clothes nearly torn apart to nothing, her eyes instantly turned murderous.

    The blonde-haired man stared at Ning Xi's sudden appearance and his expression was lewd. "Eh, have we got another chick? Just nice! I was just worried about not having enough to share!"

    Just as he said that, the sound of the wind came rushing at him and a strong force hit him on the temple. The blonde was kicked to the ground and he lay there unmoving. He had actually fainted from the kick.