Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 114

    Chapter 114: Anyway Id Be The One To Forcibly Kiss You

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    Jiang Muye was in a good mood as he came over to explain. "Didnt Director Guo post a behind-the-scenes clip? It included the bondage scene which we shot that day. After that, they turned from being your haters into your fans. Really, is everyone so happy to see me being pushed down?"

    "Uh" So that was it.

    Fans were infatuated with their stars, but very few wanted to have any interaction with them in real life, since it was too impossible. Hence, films and other media had become channels through which fans could fantasize.

    If a female star was going to co-star with your male god, your first reaction might be a little jealousy. In particular, if that actress was very terrible, fans would feel that it was unfair to their idol, which would create a mood of huge resistance. But if the opposite was the case, fans would imagine themselves as the person playing opposite their idol, which was the ultimate satisfaction.

    This was Ning Xis current situation.

    "Muye, Muye, I heard the two of you have a lot of intimate scenes, is that true? Is there a kissing scene?" A fan asked excitedly.

    Jiang Muye raised an eyebrow. "Yes, theres one today."

    "Aaaah!" Immediately, there was a wave of excited screams.

    "Can we watch? Can we, can we?" The girls created a racket as they asked repeatedly.

    "Todays scene will be filmed outside, you should be able to see it from the fringes, but at that distance it might not be very clear," Jiang Muye replied.

    "No problem, no problem, we brought our equipment!" The girls took out binoculars, which were a must-have for a fan.

    Ning Xi was speechless.

    With so many people watching, the pressure on her was going to be intense!

    In the lounge.

    Ning Xi couldnt help asking, "It's a kissing scene, but which one is it?" Because too many things had happened recently, the schedule had changed a lot. She only had a general idea and hadn't been given specifics.

    Jiang Muye flipped through the script excitedly. "Its the one of the Lantern Festival. I asked the director last night."

    Ning Xi immediately recalled the story. "Lantern Festival? Isnt that the scene where Meng Changge and Sun Huanqing kiss for the first time?"

    "Thats right, thats the one!" After saying that, Jiang Muye approached her warily and sniffed her. "Do you remember what I said yesterday, you didn't eat anything you shouldn't have, right?"

    Ning Xi slapped him away. "Do I seem like such an unprofessional person?"

    "Remember what you just said, otherwise, if youve cheated me, I'll tell the director!" Jiang Muye stared at her distrustfully. She had played too many tricks on him, he didnt darelower his guard at all.

    Ning Xi gave him a haughty look. "Youre so old already, yet youre still playing at tattling to the teacher! Are you a kid?"

    Jiang Muye snorted and turned away. "Im not talking to you anymore, I want to study how to act in this scene!"

    Ning Xi swung his chair around. "What do you need to study? Anyway, when the time comes, Ill be the one to force a kiss on you! Now come here, I have something to ask you!"

    Jiang Muye: "" The heck, cant he study how to be forcibly kissed?

    "What do you want to ask?" Jiang Muye said unhappily.

    "How are they going to deal with Jia Qingqing's role now?"

    "Of course shes going to be replaced. I heard from Brother Ming that shell be replaced with someone from our Glory World. It seems its a new singer! Her looks are not bad, but she doesn't have any acting experience at all. I dont think she can act well. Thats right, have you heard about Jia Qingqing?"

    "What happened to Jia Qingqing?" Ning Xi was confused.

    "What else could it be? The issue became so big that the mans legal wife found out. She got people to strip her on the streets and beat her up, and told her to leave the capital, otherwise next time she would just kill her straight away! At first, I was still worried what that woman would do to you after being driven into a corner. Now it looks like theres nothing to be worried about!" As Jiang Muye spoke, he felt that something didnt seem right. "Ning Xi, why do I feel that all this is going along too smoothly and too well?"

    At this moment, the director's voice came from outside

    "Ning Xi, Muye, get your makeup done, the next scene is yours!"