Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1136

    Chapter 1136: Angry Little Treasure

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    This little guys logic

    He would obviously love to have given birth to him with Ning Xi, but if it was their child, then it would not be Little Treasure

    Unfortunately, Lu Tingxiao could not explain all of this to Little Treasure.Or maybe, there was no need for him to explain.

    Little Treasure understood all of this deep down too.He was just angry, bitter, and felt wronged. Why could he not have been Aunty Xiao Xis biological child?

    Inside the study room, the atmosphere between the father and son had suddenly come to a stand still.

    At that moment, Lu Tingxiaos phone rang.It was Ning Xi.


    "Big Boss, do you miss me?" The girls cheerful voice came from the other end of the phone. Simply from her tone, it must have gone well on her end.

    "I do." He had never missed her more than this very moment.

    My wife, if you do not come home soon, I cannot deal with the son anymore.

    "Hehe, Im about to get on my flight. Ill reach Imperial tonight but it'll be quite late when I do, so I wont disturb your sleep. Ill go look for you and Little Treasure tomorrow morning."

    "Illpick you up."

    "Uhh, Ill be with Momo and Director Qiao. Do you really want to frighten them both? Ill just get a cab back! Good boy! Oh, is Little Treasure asleep? If he isnt, can I say a few words to him?"

    Then, Lu Tingxiao passed the phone over to his son who had been waiting impatiently beside him.

    "Mommy!" When the little bun heard Ning Xis voice, his expression turned much more obedient as if he was a different person from the angry Little Treasure earlier.

    At the same time, late at night, in a certain underground casino,Zhuang Rongguangs eyes stared at the cards in his hand and his palms started to sweat while everyone around him watched with fixed gazes.

    Finally, the last card was revealed bit by bit, and the instant it was revealed, Zhuang Rongguangs nasty friends had already emotionally jumped up from their seats and Zhuang Rongguang swiftly tossedthe cards in his hands as he declared, "Straight flush! Give me my money!"

    A stack of chips were pushed over and Zhuang Rongguang looked very happy.He had already planned to travel the world after graduating, but his family would definitely not agree and had even execute an economic sanction on him. His sister was also very firm on this; she was definitely on the familys side and refused to give him a single cent.

    Recently, he had been thinking about ways to crowdfund, so when his friends heard about his situation, they suggested for him to try his luck here.Even though he was playful, he knew that he should not be involved with certain things like gambling, but this time, he was really in dire need forcash and when he saw that quite a few of his buddies had won quite a bit, he decided to give it a go.

    At first, he did not dare to risk too much, but Lady Luck was on his side today and he had gathered quite a few million in chips in no time.

    Up next, Zhuang Rongguang played for another three rounds and had won all of them. Initially, he felt that he had collected enough money and was ready to leave, but since he felt so lucky, he could not bear to go and decided to continue playing, fueledby his friends persuasion...

    Not too far away in a corner, a square-faced man with blonde hair and bare arms revealed a vulgar smile. He picked up his phone and made a call, "The big fish is hooked, reel in the net!"

    Not too long after the blonde-haired man hung up, a tall man wearing a thick gold chain had squeezed through the crowd without batting an eyelid and walked right up to Zhuang Rongguang. "Hey! Little brother! Ive watched you for half a day and they all say youre in luck today but I dont quite believe them. Dare to play a round of huge stakes with me?"

    "Bring it on, Im not afraid of you!"