Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 112

    Chapter 112: Sister-in-law Is Unbelievable

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    Everyones first reaction was, the king of eternal lurking, Lu Tingxiao, had actually showed up in the family group chat.

    The second reaction was, my god, this father and son pair were simply too much, as if they had stepped out of a magazine!

    Really wanted to steal Little Treasure away!

    Really wanted to marry their daughters into that family!

    It was only because marriage between relatives was forbidden in contemporary society, that the countless family members who had daughters werent already beating each others brains out for the opportunity.

    [Aiya, my good grandson is too cute, aiya, my son is too handsome!] Madam Lu was so excited she didn't know who to praise first.

    [Tingxiao ah, who picked the clothes for you and Little Treasure? Was it the girl you like?] With one glance, Madam Lu could tell that this was not her sons style at all.


    [I knew it, you would never choose this style! Look at how bright the color is, it looks so good! Its nothing like the dull clothes you wear all the time, and Little Treasure has to suffer the same dull style too! As expected, this house does need a woman!]

    [She also took these photos?] Master Lu couldn't help asking.

    [Yes.] Lu Tingxiao was still a man of few words.

    [Not bad.] Master Lu was obviously very pleased.

    Since he was young, Lu Tingxiao hated taking photos, Little Treasure even more so. So there were very few photos of the two, and even less of them together. Acting in unison, the two elders secretly saved all the photos.

    [Damn, my future sister-in-law is unbelievable! She can actually make you wear this color, and you even let her take photos! I gave you some clothes in a similar color before, and you looked at me so scornfully. You even belittled my taste!] This time it was Lu Jingli who spoke.

    Since Lu Jingli had also joined the chat, calling the other party "future sister-in-law", all the aunties couldnt hold it in anymore, and all of them started asking Lu Tingxiao which familys young miss it was.

    Lu Tingxiao directly replied with two words: "Its private."

    Meaning this is my own private affair, no one is allowed to interfere.

    Just as they were about to pester him for details, all of them no longer dared to act rashly.

    The Lu family clan was massive, and the core person who stood at its helm was Lu Tingxiao.He was like a Dragon Leader; the brilliance and glory of the Lu family, the respect and wealth which they possessed, was all dependent on him. His words could not be doubted, and were like Imperial edits.

    At the same time, there was someone else in the group who had seen the photos and the chat: Jiang Muye.

    Jiang Muye stared hard at the words"Was it the girl you like?" for a long time, then messaged Ning Xi privately.

    [Ning Xiao Xi, did you take photos of Lu Tingxiao and Little Treasure?]

    [Yeah, howd you know? You saw us?] Ning Xi recalled Jiang Muye also didn't have any scenes today. Dont tell me this person came running over sneakily!

    [Huh, my uncle posted them in the family group! Everyone is talking about them now!]

    Seeing this, Ning Xi was happy, and she replied quickly: [Hahaha, really? Are they praising my photography skills?]

    Jiang Muye was so angry he almost threw his cellphone:[Can you focus on the main point?]

    [What should I be focusing on?]

    [I tell you, just now]

    Jiang Muye wanted to tell her that Lu Tingxiao had admitted himself in the group chat that all the photos had been taken by the girl he likes, but he remembered how he had already told her three times in a row, and she still hadnt believe him. He also felt that this evidence wasnt enough, and in the end she might just beat him up again, so he decided to collect irrefutable proof first in order to convince her.

    [Tomorrow, well be shooting together, dont be late!] Jiang Muye changed the topic.

    [When have I ever been late!]

    [If I remember correctly, its a kissing scene, if you dare eat garlic or durian before that, youre dead, you hear me?]