Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114: Call Father

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Cao Lirong's figure was trembling slightly and her face was sickly pale as she held onto the metal bar and said emotionally, "I've said it so many times! I didn't push her! I didn't! I was only jostling her slightly to force her to hit me. Even though my actions looked strong, I was really only shoving her lightly without using much force! It's her! She's framing me! She fell into the pond by herself! That witch is framing me! Uncle Guan, believe me!"

"What're you saying? Are you saying that Ning Xi did this intentionally?" Guan Rui immediately stood up.

"That's right, she's doing this on purpose!" Cao Lirong's tone was confident.

"You sure?" Guan Rui frowned.

"I'm sure! Uncle Guan, you saw for yourself. She was still quite a distance from the side of the shore, and I did not even use much force. There was no way she could have fallen in!" Can Lirong solemnly vowed.

When he heard this, Guan Rui's expression changed and he slowly sat back down on his chair dispiritedly.

Damn it!

How did this happen?

That woman did this on purpose! Could she have long seen through their plan, so she decided to turn the tables on them to frame them?

If that was the case...the emergency rescue after...the critical condition...what was all that about?

Right, Lu Tingxiao...Lu Tingxiao...

That private hospital was under the Lu Corporation and with Lu Tingxiao's single command, it would be beyond easy to perform an entire show.

But would Lu Tingxiao really stoop to such a level for that woman?

What made him even more shocked was that the woman had actually seen through his plan and even turn the tables on him!

If that woman had really known it all, that would be bad. There was no way he could use "arguing" and "accident" to smooth this over...

"Uncle Guan, I'm sorry, I really didn't know this accident would happen. Please give me another chance! Wu Wu can't wait any longer. Can you please just bank in some money to me?" Cao Lirong begged.

Her son's surgery required a huge amount of money and his life was in Guan Rui's hands. If she ruined this, she could not imagine...

Guan Rui shot Cao Lirong a sideways look and there was something murderous in his eyes as he said, "Don't worry, I'll take care of your son."


The next morning, the sky had just turned to light when Little Treasure began to knock on his father's door.

Quickly wake up! Little Treasure wants to visit Mommy in the hospital!

Lu Tingxiao opened the door and looked at his son solemnly. "Call Father."

Call me Father then I will bring you there.

The little guy instantly revealed an expression of condescension. He turned his head away, then ran downstairs.

I do not want Father! I can take a cab by myself!

When he saw his son's act of disdain, the corner of Lu Tingxiao's mouth helplessly curved up. After he washed up and was prepared to take Little Treasure to the hospital, Yan Ruyi, Lu Chongshan, and Lu Jingli had come over too. All of them were immediately fixed onto Little Treasure.

Little Treasure had spoken again yesterday!

Including the first two times from before, this was his third time!

The three of them turned their gaze to Lu Tingxiao.

Yan Ruyi pulled anxiously on his son. "Tingxiao, how did it go? Did Little Treasure say anything else after you guys came home last night?"

"Last night, Little Treasure was asleep when we carried him back."

"Then...then, did he say anything else when he woke up this morning?" Lu Chongshan questioned.


Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan looked at each other, instantly filled with disappointment.

"This time, will he not speak for another few months again?" Yan Ruyi was clearly a little disappointed.

"It's already very good progress," said Lu Chongshan in an attempt to console himself.

Lu Jingli squatted before the little bun. "Little bun, call Second Uncle! Call me! Second Uncle will give you candy!"