Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 111

    Chapter 111: Exterminate Every Last Cheating Dog In The World

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    "Okay, okay, leave it to me!" Ning Xi patted her chest confidently. The more she looked at these two, one big and one small, the more excited she became. "Aiya, I cant take it anymore, I really want to take photos of the two of you! Come here, come here, stand together, a little closer, hold hands"

    With each instruction she gave, father and son posed for her very cooperatively.

    With each photo Ning Xi took, she became more and more addicted, and completely turned into a fangirl. Out on the balcony and in the small garden, she took photos non-stop of the father and son pair.

    Standing next to her, Lu Tingxiao leaned in closer to take a look, and praised her. "Well taken."

    Ning Xi waved her hands modestly. "My technical skills are so-so, plus I'm using a phone. But the two of you are such good models, and the background is also amazing, so all the photos look like magazine shots! By the way, Lu Tingxiao, do you have WeChat? Ill add you and send you all the photos! Ive been meaning to say, no one uses SMS anymorenowadays, its too troublesome! And later, teach Little Treasure how to use WeChat, too!"

    "I do, search for my number." Lu Tingxiao was starting to rejoice that Lu Jingli had forced him to open a WeChat account.

    "What? Your ID is just Lu Tingxiao thats too boring!" Ning Xi teased as she instantly added him as a friend.

    Lu Tingxiao lifted an eyebrow, and when he instinctively looked at Ning Xis nickname, he realized that he actually didnt recognize some of the characters in it.

    Loneliness Like Never-ending Arrows in the Void?

    Why was this nickname so strange? What did it mean?

    Lu Tingxiao really wanted to ask, but was worried that this was online slang. Asking would expose the generation gap between him and her, like the last time, so he decided to keep silent.

    After adding each other as friends, Ning Xi sent him all the photos.

    When Lu Tingxiao received the pictures, he inadvertently noticed Ning Xis personal signature: by the sword in my hand, I will one day exterminate every last cheating dog in the world!

    Lu Tingxiao: ""

    Only after she had finished sending the photos did Ning Xi realize that Lu Tingxiao was staring at her signature with a complicated expression on his face. She immediately became embarrassed as she explained, "That, well, I created this signature when I was going through a phase in middle school, and I forgot to change it since! Ridiculous, isnt it?"

    Lu Tingxiao laughed softly: "Not bad."

    There was going to be a day when he would become the reason for her to change this signature.

    "And my nickname, cough cough, its Martian language 1 , it was quite popular online back then. It looks silly now, but Ive gotten used to it, so I havent bothered changing it!" Ning Xi scratched her head as she explained.

    "Not bad, can you help me switch to something similar?" Lu Tingxiao requested.

    "Huh? You you really think its not bad?" Ning Xi was shocked at Lu Tingxiaos taste.

    "Yes." Lu Tingxiao looked very serious.

    "Then then Ill think of something for you!" Ning Xi regretted it as soon as she made the promise. She couldnt imagine how his circle of friends on WeChat would react when they saw his nickname changed to one in Martian. That scene would be simply too beautiful

    "Thank you."

    Lu Tingxiao hardly ever used WeChat, so after signing in this time, it wasnt long before a lot of messages popped up in the family group chat.

    It looked like the Lu family elders were complaining to their relatives that they hadnt seen their good grandson for so long, because lately, it seemed that their eldest son had a girl he liked, and was actively trying to court her, so they didn't dare disturb him.

    This wasnt complaining, but in fact, showing-off!

    Hehehe, our eldest son finally has a girl he likes! Its. A. Girl!

    Lu Tingxiao didnt know whether to cry or laugh at his parents words. Then he simply sent all the photos Ning Xi had just taken to the group.

    A few seconds later, the whole family group chat exploded.

    1. Martian language is the unconventional expression of Chinese characters online. (