Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1098

Chapter 1098: Born To Be The Bane of Me

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"This is a good idea! I don't want to give it to Ning Yaohua or Ning Yaobang either, and if I hold on to it, I'm worried that they'll trouble me! Giving it to Ning Qiutong is a smart thing too. Based on her personality, she definitely wouldn't let the other two sides go easy. Besides, with Ning Qiutong's business capabilities, she won't let Grandfather's company wane! Boss, you're too smart!"

Ning Xi discussed it with Lu Tingxiao for a while more, then when he saw that it was getting late, she asked, "Do you want to sleep over?"

When Lu Tingxiao heard her, he looked at her and said, "Nah."

"Ah? Why not? It's quite late! Isn't it troublesome to rush back? Do you still have things to attend to later?" Ning Xi was confused.

Lu Tingxiao massaged his temples helplessly as he said, "Because I will easily lose control, especially in our future matrimonial home. Understand?"


Lu Tingxiao rubbed the girl's head adoringly. "I don't necessarily have to wait till after marriage, but I still want to do so because you're the most important person to me, so I'm willing to wait and I want to give you the utmost respect too."

Ning Xi sighed, enjoying her head being rubbed against his broad palm as she mumbled, "I am forever within your hands... I really have no complaints at all... You were born just to be the bane of me, weren't you?"

A while later, Ning Xi sent him off.

Before he left, Lu Tingxiao suddenly thought of something and gave her a red, gold-plated invitation.

Ning Xi opened it to read and asked in confusion, "Huh...a birthday invitation? Who is Mo Jianzhang? Why am I invited?"

"It's Mo Lingtian's father. The invitation was sent by Lingtian. If you're free tomorrow night, then you can go with me. Otherwise, then it's fine."

Mo Lingtian must have been prepared to invite Lu Tingxiao and his female partner, but because they could not appear as a couple, he had especially prepared an individual invitation for Ning Xi. This gesture showed that he valued her.

Ning Xi thought about it. "There isn't much going on tomorrow night, but I'll be at the studio in the day, so I'll go over myself at night!"

Not many people in Lu Tingxiao's circle acknowledged her or treated her as a friend. Plus, he had been so thoughtful, so it was not nice for her to reject the invitation.

Lu Tingxiao replied, "Okay."

Ning Xi tiptoed and leaned in to kiss the man's lips. Then, she said in the tone of a tyrannic CEO, "Baby, one day I will let you stand beside me rightfully and honorably! I'll let the entire city's women know that you're mine!"

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

Well, those were nice words...but did they reverse their roles?

The next day, at Spirit Studio, because Spirit had been preparing to expand their business to H district, Ning Xi arranged the details and proposal for that site whenever she found the time.

Without realizing it, she had been in discussion with everyone till late at night. Ning Xi looked at the time on her phone and saw that she would be late soon, so she quickly said, "I have a dinner to attend later, I've to go first!"

"Okay, Boss, just go!"

"Don't work overtime too. Rest earlier! Ah, right, Shangze, are there any ready-made gowns in the studio? Simply get one for me! I don't have time to change at home!" Ning Xi said.

"Yes, what kind of style do you want, Boss?" Gong Shangze asked.

Ning Xi thought about it. "It's a birthday banquet for an elder, so the color and style should be low-key and staid!"

"Okay, Boss, please wait for a moment!"