Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1095

    Chapter 1095: A Beautiful Past

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    Damn it! She was too emotional and had accidentally blurted that out. No matter if it was Su Yan or Zhuang Lingyu or Ning Yaohua, if it was something she liked, she would get it. She could not show that she actually coveted the Ning family's inheritance...

    Thus, Ning Xueluo revealed a hurt expression and quickly covered up, "Bro Yan, how can you say that about me? If I really wanted the Ning family's assets, would I need to work so hard? I'm just feeling very sad. I always thought of myself as a part of the Ning family and I prioritize the Ning family for everything, yet it turns out that they had always treated me as an outsider! And there's you too, Bro Yan, I want to marry you grandly. I want everyone to say that you married a good wife!"

    Su Yan's expression softened when he heard this. "Xueluo, I understand where you're coming from, but you don't have to worry. If you're Su Yan's woman, no one will dare say you aren't good enough. You don't have to worry about being scorned when you marry me. I will explain to my parents!"

    "Bro Yan, thank you... Thank you for always being by my side..." Ning Xueluo could only temporarily suppress all her dissatisfaction and anger, obediently leaning into his embrace. When Ning Xueluo was facing the other way, Su Yan lifted his head to look up at the study room's direction.

    Through the window, he could still roughly see the silhouette of Ning Xi sitting on the chair. The image of that little girl from back then could not help but appear in his mind.

    That girl who had carried him all the way while she sweated and her legs started to shake, yet promised to never leave him...

    The girl who had picked fresh wildflowers for him every day...

    The girl who had cooked delicious dishes so that he would eat his medicine obediently every day...

    She was poor and wore clothes that had been mended many times and spoke shoddy Mandarin, yet the way she said it was beautiful and cute!

    When had all of this begun to change?

    From the day he was healed and picked up by the Su family, from the time he returned to the pretentious city, from when he was charmed by Ning Xueluo's beauty, all the good times that once were in his memories had become unacceptable...

    But at this moment, why did he miss it so much?

    He missed the girl's innocence, missed the way her eyes would sparkle and cling onto him when she stared at him...


    At the Ning family's gate.

    "Um... Aunty..." Ning Xi hesitated but still decided to call out to Ning Qiutong.

    "Hmm?" Ning Qiutong who was about to open her car door paused her steps and looked at Ning Xi.

    Ning Xi's cleared her throat and walked up to her. "About today... Thank you."

    No matter what, she still had to thank her.

    Ning Qiutong was nonchalant. "We're family. There's no need to thank me."

    Ning Xi felt a mix of emotions hearing her say that they were family. She took a deep bow graciously. "I still want to thank you!"

    As she watched the girl before her, Ning Qiutong sighed, "Sadly, I was abroad that year. I didn't know many things and when I did, it was too late. I never would have thought that my cousin would be foolish to this extent. If I let him continue like this, the elder's hard-earned family business will fall into the hands of an outsider!"

    As Ning Qiutong said this, a hostile glint flashed in her eyes.

    Ning Xi fell into deep contemplation.

    At night, in Ning Xueluo's bedroom,Zhuang Lingyu covered Ning Xueluo with her blanket, then turned around to close the door.

    On the bed, Ning Xueluo, who was dozing off, immediately woke up again.