Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091: Furious

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The elder's tone was incredibly solemn. No one at the table dared to say a word. Even if Ning Yaohua and Ning Yaobang were miserable that another person had suddenly appeared for the inheritance, they could not say anything either.

Ning Qiutong was not one to mess with. If the shares fell into her hands, it would be extremely difficult to get it from her. Worse still, if she had intention to fight for the rights to inherit the company, that would make things harder...

Ning Yaohua and Ning Yaobang both looked like they were about to face a huge adversary while Ning Tianxin seemed absent-minded. Only Ning Xi was the most relaxed at the table.

Ning Qiutong was taking in everyone's reactions...

"Okay, Lawyer Cai, please announce the will!"

The moment he said that, everyone found themselves sitting up straight.

The lawyer flipped the document in his hand and started to read, "The Will of Mr. Ning Zhiyuan. Due to his old age and his concern that he might suddenly fail in health, to avoid any dispute over his inheritance, he has written this will and his assets are as follows: Ning International Private Limited Company's 51% in shares, foreign trust funds..."

After the lawyer listed out the elder's assets, he started to go into the distribution of it. "The three estates and two shop lots in Imperial as well as the foreign trust funds will go to the granddaughter, Ning Xueluo!"

"What!? Are you crazy?! To give an outsider this much inheritance!" Ning Yaobang was the first to slap the table and stand up. He could not believe that the old man had given half of his stable property to Ning Xueluo, a granddaughter who was not even blood-related. Also, that foreign trust fund was not a small sum of money.

"What outsider? Xueluo is my daughter, Brother-in-law. Do you need me to repeat it for you?" Zhuang Lingyu asked with a sharp look.

"Daughter, my ass! She's just a country girl you had carried home wrongly. My two other blood-related daughters aren't allowed to be present today, so on what basis can your outsider get our Ning family's inheritance?!"

"On the basis that she was raised by me myself! We don't even know which cheap woman gave birth to your daughters, so on what grounds can they appear here to tarnish our Ning family?"


Opposite her, Ning Xi, who maintained the attitude of a third party, had a sudden change in expression. The unyielding attitude of a mother protecting her daughter from Zhuang Lingyu took her by surprise.

Hmph! She had long told herself that Zhuang Lingyu was just a stranger to her, yet why had her heart still experience inexplicable pain when she watched her protect Ning Xueluo so fiercely?

Ning Xi closed her eyes lightly and soon returned to normal moments later as if nothing had happened.

No one had noticed Ning Xi's subtle change in emotions. No one but Ning Qiutong beside Ning Xi who was taking everything in.

This child... It had only been a few years since they met, yet she had changed so much. Not just in terms of looks, but more so her temperament. She was far calmer and more mature than those her age. There was not the faintest shadow of that weak girl from many years ago...

At the table, Ning Yaohua, Zhuang Lingyu, and Ning Yaobang were turning the room upside down with their argument.

At last, the elder had to knock the table harshly to quiet them down. "Everyone, shut up! Xueluo is indeed not blood-related to us, but humans are living things and we cannot be merciless. She has been my granddaughter for more than 20 years, so I consider these my dowry for her! No one is allowed to say another word!"

Ning Yaobang slapped a fist on the table in fury.