Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1090

    Chapter 1090: Some Things To Say

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    When Ning Yaohua saw that she had actually sat opposite, his expression darkened.

    Now, he could only wait and see. He hoped that Xueluo would get a little more shares. That way, he would feel less pressure and would not need to involve the root of all his trouble, Ning Xi!

    "Well... Father, you're so healthy now. You don't actually need to rush your will!" Ning Yaobang knew that the current version of the will was most unfavorable for him, so he said that as his final attempt.

    Ning Tianxin, who sat beside him, was indifferent instead.

    When the elder heard his second son's words, he was furious and immediately roared, "Shut up! You have no right to tell me what to do! If you have the capability, then turn the tables for the companies under you that lose money every year, or else, don't talk to me!"

    Ning Yaobang was sullen after such a scolding while Ning Yaohua looked delighted.

    The elder calmed down before saying, "To avoid any grudges among all of you, I have some things to say before the lawyer reads out the will!"

    "Okay, okay...speak, Father! We're all listening!" Ning Yaobang started to be the obedient child after getting criticized.

    The elder gave him a harsh look, then continued to say, "You can see that I've called Su Yan over as well this time. I know some of you have opinions about this, but Su Yan is going to be engaged to Xueluo soon, so he's counted as half a Ning already!"

    "Father's right, this needs to be done," Ning Yaohua quickly echoed as Zhuang Lingyu nodded. Ning Xueluo looked shyly at her grandfather.

    The elder looked towards Su Yan and continued, "Regarding the distribution of the inheritance, the Nings have nothing much to hide. To avoid any trouble in the future, I might as well just invite you to hear for yourself!"

    "I'll leave everything in your hands. I married Xueluo because of who she is as a person. No matter what the results are, it won't affect my decision," said Su Yan.

    Ning Xueluo looked intensely at the man beside her, feeling moved. "Bro Yan..."

    The elder looked at Su Yan and nodded with satisfaction. He had always had a pretty good impression of his granddaughter's husband. He remembered back when Su Yan and Xiao Xi seemed to be quite close too. He thought that there was a possibility of a romantic relationship between them but who would have expected him to choose Xueluo in the end. Nevertheless, it was not right for him to probe too much into the children and their relationship matters.

    When Ning Xi first met Su Yan in the countryside, she was just a simple girl. Su Yan's family would definitely not agree to their relationship, so they had secretly dated.

    Even after Ning Xi returned to the Ning family, because she had caused a series of ruckus and embarrassment, to avoid implicating Su Yan, she continued choosing to temporarily hide their relationship. It was only until she was pregnant that she had to tell Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu.

    Thus, apart from Ning Yaohua, Zhuang Lingyu, and Ning Tianxin who had accidentally found out about their relationship, many people in the Ning family including the elder did not know that Ning Xi and Su Yan had dated.

    When he was finished with Su Yan, the elder's gaze fell on Ning Qiutong again. "As for Qiutong, I know her business is expanding and her life is steady..."

    "Why did you call her over if you knew? It's not like she's lacking any wealth!" Ning Yaobang mumbled.

    The elder shot him an annoyed look. "What I wanted to say is that her father also contributed to the company back in the day. Now that her parents have passed away, it doesn't matter how great her life is. I will give her what she deserves. It doesn't matter whether she wants or needs it or not, I will still give it as her uncle!"