Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 109

    Chapter 109: Don't Bring Men Back Here

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    Never expecting that the girl would make such a request of him, Lu Tingxiao was obviously taken aback. He looked at her back and asked lightly, "Why?"

    Even though he was very happy to satisfy such a wonderful request by this girl.

    Realizing that her words were too ambiguous, Ning Xi quickly made a "Pei" sound. "Dont misunderstand! I meant it literally, there wasnt any deeper meaning! Er, actually, the literal meaning also seems very dirty cough, in short, what I meant was I bought you some clothes when I was shopping today, do you want to try it on? Trying it on now saves you having to change clothes and take them off and change again. Arent I clever?"

    Lu Tingxiao looked a little surprised at her words, and seemed a bit overwhelmed by her consideration. "You bought it for me?"

    He thought that she had definitely bought them for Little Treasure.

    "Yes, but, cough cough, I used your card!" Ning Xi looked a bit embarrassed as she scratched her nose. "Actually, I was prepared to use my own money, and to buy it as a gift for Little Treasure. But who knew after getting a new car motor last month, my card would have no money on it, so I had to use yours. Then, on the way back, I saw a mans suit in the mens section which perfectly matched the color of the clothes I bought for Little Treasure, so I couldnt help buying it!"

    "I see." Even though she hadnt specifically intended to buy something for him, it was enough to cheer him up.

    "I asked the salesgirl, if you try it on and don't like it, you can return it. Quick, go try it on and see whether you like it or not!" Ning Xi rushed him.

    Lu Tingxiao didn't hesitate at all: " I like it." She bought it herself, and it was the first time she bought him clothes, how could he not like it.

    "You haven't even seen what it looks like!" Ning Xi muttered, before stepping backand handing him one of the shopping bags.

    Lu Tingxiao took the bag. "You only bought for me and Little Treasure, you didn't buy anything for yourself?"

    Ning Xi sighed. "Eh, I dont have money, wait til I earn some, then Ill buy."

    Just as Lu Tingxiao was about to say that she could swipe his card, Ning Xi took out a black card from her bag. "Oh,right, here you go! Using this was just so cool! Today, it made a woman who was fighting me for the clothes I wanted to buy jealous to death!"

    Lu Tingxiao could only sigh and say, "Keep it, Im usually too busy to have time to buy things for Little Treasure. If you see anything suitable, buy it straightaway. Of course, I would be very happy if you helped pick something out for me."

    "Are you that confident in my taste? Then dont change your mind later when you try it on!" Ning Xi didnt stand on ceremony with him, and took the card back straightaway. "Then Ill give this back to you when I move out. Ill leave you to get changed!"

    Just as she was about to go, behind her, the man suddenly grabbed the hand that was free.

    That startled Ning Xi, and she was about to turn around again when she remembered that Lu Tingxiao was still half naked, so she could only remain in that twisted position, her arm caught behind her. "What is it?"

    Lu Tingxiao tightened his grip on her hand slightly. "Ning Xi, Little Treasures condition has improved a lot recently, and hes not always bothering you anymore. He listens well, doesnt disturb you, and doesnt disrupt your work. As long as everyday, he can see you, wait for you to come home, and know that youre sleeping in the next room, hes very happy and calm

    I know I no longer have a reason to keep you here, but as Little Treasures father, I havent done enough for him at all, and I really hope for this kind of happiness to last a little longer for Little Treasure.

    Three months, can you stay for three more months, at the most? If you want to leave after that, I wont force you to stay. During this time, you can treat this place as your own home; do whatever you want, you dont have to be polite.

    You can swear when youre angry, eat durian and garlic, drink at a bar and come back late I only have one request.In these three months, can you show some restraint, and don't bring men back here?"

    Ning Xi had almost been moved to tears by the first part of his speech, but by the end of it, she almost vomited three liters of blood.

    The more she listened, the more Lu Tingxiao sounded like a gentle and virtuous wife, while she was the scummy, degenerate husband.