Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1089

    Chapter 1089: Let's Begin Then

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    Without waiting for Ning Xi to say anything, Zhuang Lingyu had already revealed a dismal expression. "She knows that Spirit is a rival to her sister's company, yet she intentionally wore their clothes to advertise them. You're always helping outsiders!"

    When Ning Yaohua heard this, he quickly tried to smooth things over and said, "Girls! When they see pretty clothes, they buy it if they like it without paying attention to such things! But, Xiao Xi, this Spirit has really been going against your sister's company recently, so you should watch out a little. If you like this kind of style, just let your sister give you a few outfits later on!"

    "The last time Sis came to our store to shop, I told her that I wanted to give her some, but...Sis..." Ning Xueluo did not finish her sentence. Nevertheless, it was enough for Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu to fill in the blanks by themselves.

    Zhuang Lingyu's face was full of loathing. "Why should you care about her? She's petty, always fussing over minor matters and throwing tempers!"

    It turns out that having her entire life snatched away was just a minor matter to her!

    Ning Xi sat on the side and watched the three of them like a drama and she almost laughed out loud. She kept on calling her "Sis", yet she did not know when she had one. It made them look like they were really a family now that they really seemed to have forgotten about breaking ties with her and chasing her out of the house.

    As he watched the girl's indistinct smile, like the lazy short-lived bloom of a cactus in the dead of the night, once again, Su Yan's logic broke through his cage of control and he felt reckless...

    When she felt a fervent sight on her, Ning Xi subconsciously turned to look.

    The instant his gaze met the girl's, Su Yan thought his heart was about to explode. He had used up all his might to regain self-control. In a calm tone, he said, "I watched your show a few days ago. Your culinary skills have improved again!"

    When he said this, Su Yan could not help but feel a forlornness in his heart. There was a time when she had learned to cook for him, yet now he could only find out that her cooking had improved through a television show...

    Ning Xi smiled and said, "Really?"

    She naturally did not miss the sentiment and ambiguous affection in Su Yan's eyes when he looked at her.

    If this man could be loyal and love Ning Xueluo unchangingly, she could still respect him a little more. Sadly...

    There was the sound of three knocks on the door. Someone pushed the door open and walked in.

    Everyone in the room turned to look, then they saw Ning Huiyuan strolling in, cool and proud.

    "Uncle!" Ning Qiutong did not look at anyone else and only greeted the elder.

    "Huiyuan is here..." When the elder saw his niece whom he had not seen for years, he could not help but feel rueful. At least, he felt assured as he knew that she had a good life outside.

    After the two made some small talk, the elder's gaze swept across the crowd before he said, "Since everyone is here, let's begin then!"

    The moment he said that, everyone's expression turned serious. After glancing at each other, they slowly got up and walked to the long oval table to sit down. The lawyer was holding the prepared will and stood beside the elder who was sitting at the head of the table.

    On the table, Ning Yaohua, Zhuang Lingyu, Ning Xueluo and Su Yan sat on one side, while Ning Yaohua and Ning Tianxin sat on the other. Ning Qiutong sat beside Ning Tianxin.

    Then, there was Ning Xi left.

    Ning Xi's eyes swept past the empty seat opposite Su Yan, then ignored Ning Yaohua's warning gaze and sat casually opposite Su Yan, beside Ning Qiutong.