Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085: End Him Anytime

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"The both of them are your Senior Brothers? They arent much," the man mocked, laughing in a rather hoarse and creepy way.

"Who are you?" Ning Xi looked at the man as her senses were on alert.

"My name is Han Xiao, what about you?" Han Xiao half-smiled at her.

"I'm Ning Xi."

He did not seem like a bad guy, so Ning Xi relaxed a little. The reason that she felt Han Xiao was really scary was that knowing Tang Ye and Tang Langs high standards, he could still beat them. It was incredibly hard to believe for her.

"Lady, you saved me, so this meal is on me." She noticed that Han Xiaos eyes sometimes looked crystal clear, but at times were filled with a devilish charm. One look of his was able to send a chill down anyone's spine.

"Its okay, Im kind of busy," Ning Xi rejected Han Xiaos invitation.

She had saved him unintentionally just now. Now that she knew it was Tang Lang and Tang Ye who were chasing after him, she did not want to get too deeply involved with him anymore. However, since she had already helped him, she would finish the job.

"No, no way. I never owe others... If you dont want to eat, let me help you with some self-improvement. Would like some plastic surgery? Ladies nowadays like to do it on their face, dont they? Although you already look great, I can make you look perfect!" Suddenly, Han Xiao took out a scalpel.

"Hey! What do you want?!"

Ning Xi doubted whether it was a right decision to help him.

"Dont worry, I forgot to tell you that I was a surgeon before. Oh, I was also a fashion designer... I've even worked as a grave caretaker" Han Xiao looked like he wasseriously recalling the jobs he had worked as before.

"A designer" Ning Xis mouth twitched.

This guy wasonce a designer?

"Hey, didnt you say you want to buy me a meal? Lets go!"

Ning Xi did not know what this madman was thinking, so she might as well go to a more crowded area, which would be safer for her. In case anything happened, it was easier for her to escape as well.

Halfway to the restaurant, Han Xiao sped up ahead of her.

"Mountains arent blessed with heights. Its blessed if a god resides within... A river isnt judged by its depth. Its spiritual when a dragon stays within... Spirit...the name feels pure."

Han Xiao stood outside Spirit's store and looked at the garments inside through the glass window.

"I looked through the design concept and the garments of a few stores. This Spirit is pretty good. Id like to see who the designer is." Han Xiao grinned creepily.

"I think you should go back to be a grave caretaker... You really think youre a designer?" Ning Xi said.

Han Xiao turned around sharply. "Lady, believe it or not, Spirits designer is nowhere near my level, I can end him anytime."

"I believe you," Ning Xi acquiesced, "I believe that with your scalpel, you can end him anytime you want."

Ning Xi was sure that Gong Shangze would never beat him in a fight.

"And please, dont keep calling me 'lady'. Call me Ning Xi," Ning Xi interrupted before he could say anything else.

Han Xiao looked at Ning Xi with a sly smile. "Youre pretty courageous. No one has ever talked to me like that before."

"Right, arent you a grave caretaker? The dead ones are usually pretty shy to talk to the living." Ning Xi felt like she was going crazy talking to a madman.

Han Xiao stopped talking to Ning Xi until they reached a 24-hour KFC outlet.

"Ill buy you a meal here." Han Xiao then dragged Ning Xi in.