Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 108

    Chapter 108: Dont Put On Any Clothes

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    Once night fell, Ning Xi returned to the Lu residence with her purchases.

    Seeing the old butler watering flowers at the entrance, Ning Xi greeted him in a hurry. "Grandpa Butler, wheres darling Little Treasure?"

    The old butler was in a black tailcoat, with a neat bowtie. Seeing Ning Xi, he said respectfully, "Miss Xiao Xi, youre back, Little Young Master is drawing in the garden."

    "Ah, hes drawing, then I wont disturb him. Then, where is Mister Lu?"

    "Eldest Young Master is upstairs."

    "Okay, thank you!" Ning Xi went upstairs happily.

    Looking at the energetic back of the girl, the old butler was in a complicated mood. In the time that he had come to know her, no matter how guarded he had been, he couldnt help developing a good feeling about this girl.

    A beautiful girl with good manners would be welcomed anywhere. What was unexpected was that she was mindful of her actions. She never tried to cross the line with the eldest young master, and even at times didntpay any attention to her image at all.

    It was actually very easy to see if a woman had intentions towards a man; at the most you could hide it for one or two days, but certainly not for very long.

    Likewise, it was also very easy to see if a man had intentions towards a woman.

    Perhaps other people couldnt tell, but he had seen everything from the beginning to the end, so he was the one who was most clear on this matter. The eldest young master obvious had feelings for this girl. He had actually designed the guest room she was staying in himself, even personally picking out the bedsheets and curtains, and the clothes and accessories in her closet. Not only that, the first day she arrived, he had told the chef about her eating habits,and always had some food saved for her each time she came back late. There were other similar details, too many to count

    Even if it was because she had saved the little young masters life, the eldest young masters meticulous actions seemed a bit too much.

    Actually, if she was a nice young lady with a spotless background, it would be a happy thing if they became a couple. After this young lady had moved into the house, the eldest young master had become more animated and the little young master more cheerful. The old butler had watched the both of them grow up, so naturally he was overjoyed to see all this.

    So, what he was worried about now was not that Ning Xi had wicked intentions, but that she didnt have any at all.

    Upstairs, Ning Xi couldnt wait to show off her purchases, so she straightaway opened the door to Lu Tingxiaos room.


    As soon as she opened the door, her vision was filled with flesh Lu Tingxiaos hair was wet and he was half naked, a white towel wrapped around his waist. Water drops slid down his toned abs and into his V-line

    It was a scene you couldnt turn away from, so her first reaction was not to close her eyes, but to open them wider.

    She was a little put off by the idea of sex, but that didn't stop her from appreciating beautiful things.

    Maybe the trauma after being betrayed that year had been too much; she herself didn't know when she had changed. Five years ago, she would have blushed to see a man even in a simple tank and underwear. Aside from Su Yan, she had never spoken to any unfamiliar men, and no matter how good-looking they were, she never paid any attention to them

    It was probably a full five seconds before Ning Xi regained her senses, and with a "swoosh" she turned around and covered her eyes with her hands, still carrying the two shopping bags. "Im sorry, Im sorry, I forgot to knock!"

    Lu Tingxiao laughed lightly. "My fault, I forgot to lock the door."

    In reality, he hadnt forgotten,he had left his door unlocked even since she got back.

    "Did you need something? Wait a moment, Ill put on some clothes first."

    The girl had stared at him for a short yet long time, and it had felt like a fire burning his skin inch by inch. Fortunately, she had turned away in time, otherwise, the uncontrollable reaction of a certain part of his body would have given him away.

    Lu Tingxiao was about to open his closet to get some clothes, but behind him, Ning Xi suddenly shouted, "Ah, no! Don't put on any clothes!"