Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1070

Chapter 1070: Bad Intentions

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Ning Xi raised her eyebrows. "Move back? CEO Ning, did you have a little too much to drink today?"

Ning Yaohua was surprisingly not incensed by Ning Xi's sarcastic tone. He still spoke kindly, "Ning Xi, you're my daughter. No matter what, I'll never neglect you! It's not good for you to stay outside alone anyway. Just come back and live with us. Our house is big and the room you've been using is still there!"

Ning Xi almost laughed out loud.

Her room

It was about a third of Ning Xueluo's room and had been modified from being a maid's room. Their initial reason was that they were afraid she might mess up the place. They would change her room once she learned her manners, but then...nothing happened

Ning Xi looked at Ning Yaohua suspiciously.

Ning Yaohua's sudden change in attitude must only be because of one thing

Grandfather was going to write his will.

After he was discharged from the hospital the last time, Grandfather had the intention to write it.

So, wasthis her father trying to get her share of the will?

Although she did not care about what she would get from the Ning family, if her grandfather gave it to her, she would never give it to Ning Yaohua.

"Ning Xi...Ning Xi? Did you hear me? What a coincidence today! Just in time when you're thinking of moving. Isn't it great that you can move back with us right away?" Ning Yaohua said.

Ning Xi crossed her arms as she looked at the truck and sneered, "Are you sure that room can fit all my stuff here?"

Ning Yaohua was a little taken aback by her brazen reply. "Although we have quite a few rooms at home, most of them are occupied. We can't let you stay in the guest room as well. If you're not using these things, then just put them in the storeroom."

Ning Xi looked at the man with an odd expression. "Sure, I can go back as long as you let me stay in the room that's supposed to be mine."

Ning Yaohua's expression changed. "Ning Xi, what do you mean by that? You want to take Xueluo's room now? Xueluo has been staying there since she was a child. How does that room belong to you now?" Compared to Ning Xi, Ning Yaohua was more inclined to Ning Xueluo's side.

Ning Xi was bored with him now. She did not even bother replying him anymore, so she turned around and prepared to leave.

"Ning Xi! Ning Xi, stop! Where are you moving to?" Ning Yaohua did not give up and kept on asking.

"I bought my own house," Ning Xi replied.

Ning Yaohua laughed. "What kind of house can you buy with that salary of yours? A studio apartment or a two-bedroom house? How could those places possibly be better than our house? Why do you have to make yourself suffer? And your job, you should really quit it now"

Before Ning Xi could say anything else, the driver could not stand it anymore and popped his head out. "Mister, your daughter bought a house in Peachwood!"

After Ning Xi got into the car, the driver closed the door and started the engine.

The truck moved away, leaving Ning Yaohua behind, stunned


Did he hear him wrongly?

Ning Xi had bought a house in Peachwood? How could it be Peachwood!?

Peachwood was an neighbourhood of villas that cost in tens of millions each. It was located in an even better district than the Ning family's villa and was also one of the famous areas for the wealthy

How could she afford a house there?