Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 107

    Chapter 107: A Man In Love

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    At first, Ning Xi had been prepared to pay with her own money, and buy it for Little Bun as a gift. She never expected this awkward situation to happen.

    She really liked this outfit, and thinking how something that was meant for Little Bun would be snatched away by someone like Ying Fanglin, her whole body couldnt bear it. In the end, she took out the black card which Lu Tingxiao had given her.

    When Ning Xi took the card out, it was the salesgirl and those two womens turn to stare dumbly.

    The salesgirl was very experienced and knowledgeable, and with one glance she had recognized the card. Ying Fanglin and Jin Xuanxuan had never seen the real thing before, but women in that circle were inherently sensitive to this kind of thing, so they also instantly recognized that this was the "King of all cards", only a few of which existed in the world, the legendary Infinite Black credit card.

    The limit on this card was extremely high, and the annual fee was shocking, but the cardholder would receive first-class service worldwide. As a result, it wasn't available to the public, and you couldnt apply for it. Only 1% of Platinum card holders were selected and invited to hold this card, so even the wealthy couldnt necessarily hold it. The only ones who could obtain this card were important politicians, billionaires, or celebrities in society.

    Ying Fanglins face was stiff, and she hmphed coldly. "Its probably a fake card! Miss, you have to check it properly!"

    While the salesgirl had seen it before, it had actually only been once. She took the card cautiously, and then started the process of swiping it.

    After ten seconds, the salesgirl instantly had a megawatt smile on her face, and she gave Ning Xi a 90-degree bow. "Miss, youre all set, Ill wrap the suit up for you right away."

    Ning Xi nodded. "Thank you."

    Ying Fanglin and Jin Xuanxuan stood there in shock. They exchanged looks, and stared at Ning Xi like they had seen a ghost.

    Ning Xi picked up the wrapped outfit and straightaway turned around to leave.

    Seeing Ning Xi leave in her high heels, Ying Fanglin gnashed her teeth, her face full of malice. "So what, its definitely because shes become some rich mans mistress! Does she think if she gives birth to a son, she can marry into blue blood?"

    "Thats right, the real wife will definitely make her suffer to death one day!" Jin Xuanxuan echoed the sentiment.

    After leaving the childrens clothes section, Ning Xi passed by the mens section on the floor below.

    Mm, that over there looked like the brand Lu Tingxiao usually wore.

    It was totally Lu Tingxiaos style, mainly in shades of black, white and grey, and looked aristocratic yet restrained.

    After staring at it for a bit, her gaze fell on a newer brand which had become quite popular in recent years. Comparing them, the newer brand had more vibrant colors and trendier styles.

    Ning Xi stroked her chin, and suddenly wanted to buy some clothes for Lu Tingxiao.

    That was women for you, theyd go out intending to just buy a pair of shoes, but in the end, come back with a pile of other things like clothes, bags and accessories.

    So after buying something for Little Bun, she couldnt help the urge to fix Lu Tingxiaos style.

    After hesitating for three minutes, Ning Xi decided, buy!

    So she entered the shop and straightaway bought the suit off the mannequin at the entrance, which was in the same shade of sapphire blue as Little Treasures clothes.

    At the same time, in the CEOs office at Lu Corporation, Lu Tingxiao, who was listening to Lu Jinglis reports, received two text messages.

    Checking them, they were message notifications from his bank.

    Ning Xi had used his card?

    A contented smile suddenly appeared on Lu Tingxiaos cold face.

    Seeing that expression, Lu Jingli understood clearly. "A text from sister-in-law?"

    Lu Tingxiao: "No."

    "No?" That was strange!

    Curious, Lu Jingli approached the table for a look. Hmm, wasnt this two message notifications from the bank? And they were expense notifications, not income notifications! Did he have to look so contented over them?

    Aiya, it was really hard to understand a man who was in love!