Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1063

    Chapter 1063: Giving The Devil Some Advantage!

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    The hot topic searches revolved around hashtags like #BeautysSpecialtiesPrettiestFemaleGuest, #NationalWifeNingXi, #GoodFoodCanNeverGoWrong

    The production team's official Weibo was being spammed as well with many fans who were mothers commenting.

    [You made me watch a man eat for ten minutes! How mean!]

    [Midnight madness! Come out, Director, I promise I just want to talk!]

    [The male guest this week is really cute, he's way different from the others.]

    [Brand of the dress worn by the female guest, please?! It's beautiful!]

    [I can eat three bowls of rice just looking at the goddess' face!]

    [What a pretty girl with such a great body and awesome cooking skills! Please marry me!]

    [Girl, you need a mother-in-law? I'll make sure my son gives you all his salary every month!]

    Ning Xi was scrolling through the comments online happily, but Lu Tingxiao was a little mad.

    What did they mean by national wife? She's my wife

    Ning Xi noticed the devil's emotions and quickly comforted him, "Hey, my dear, don't be unhappy. The director told me that I did well today and wants to invite me again! I've thought about it already. I'll go again after our movie airs, then I'll attend the show in a male outfit. I'll bring you as Ke Mingyu along with me! How does that sound? Perfect, isn't it?"

    Lu Tingxiao looked at the girl. "Mmm, thank you for your concern, Senior."

    "Hahaha, good boy!" Ning Xi laughed, feeling accomplished by giving Lu Tingxiao some under-the-table advantage!

    Suddenly, Ning Xi's phone received a notification. It was a new text message from a strange number:[Bastard, I'll see you at 3 p.m. tomorrow, prepare your girl outfit!!!!]

    This arrogant tone and that excessive usage of exclamation marks

    It had to be Zhuang Rongguang.

    Ning Xi had almost forgotten about it already. She thought that Zhuang Rongguang would have given up.

    Seems like she was pretty popular after all

    As she was thinking about it, her phone rang. It was Zhuang Keer.

    Ning Xi picked up. "Hey, Keer?"

    "Xiao Xi, did Rongguang send you a message about wanting to meet up with you tomorrow?" Zhuang Keer asked.

    "Yeah, I just received it, tomorrow at 3 p.m."

    Zhuang Keer laughed. "Ever since my brother lost to you at the shooting range the other day, he's been practising really hard. He...even asked my father for advice on shooting technique

    "My brother has always had a bad relationship with my father. They fought really badly especially when it came to the topic of shooting. This is the first time I saw them discussing it in peace!

    "The environment at home is much more peaceful nowadays. Grandfather is happy as well... Thank you so much, Xiao Xi!"

    Ning Xi was really happy when she heard Zhuang Keer's update. "There's no need to thank me. I just don't like anyone to bully my friend, not even your brother!"

    Zhuang Keer was really touched. "Alright, see you tomorrow. Also, please drop by my house for dinner tomorrow night. My grandfather really likes you and told me to invite you! If you don't mind, please come!"