Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 106

    Chapter 106: Encountering One Of A Kind

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    "Um, I'm sorry, this lady has already taken a fancy to this outfit." the salesgirl pointed out apologetically.

    The woman who had grabbed the outfit happened to be the lady who was wearing Chanel. When she heard this, she raised her chin unhappily. "Has she paid for it?"

    "That, not yet"

    "As it hasnt been paid for, no one owns it. Ill take it. Give me the bill right away!" Chanel ordered, as if it was a matter of course.

    But right after she spoke, her hand was suddenly empty, and the outfit was back in Ning Xis hand.

    Chanel instantly got furious. "What do you think youre doing, snatching my clothes!"

    Ning Xis tone was even more matter-of-fact than hers had been. "Didnt you say that since it hasnt been paid for, no one owns it? What, you can snatch it away, but no one else can?"

    "You" Chanel was about to blow her top, but suddenly she stopped and stared at Ning Xis face in surprise and doubt. "Ning Xi are you Ning Xi?"

    As if she had discovered something really funny, Chanel dragged her companion over. "Xuanxuan, quick, come here and see who it is. That Ning family country bumpkin is actually in this type of place fighting me for clothes!"

    "Did you say Ning Xi? Impossible" Seeing the woman in front of her, her companion was surprised. She had long, black hair with natural curls, and her classic makeup was perfect. She was wearing a light purple strapless dress that wasnt a famous designer brand, but which specially showcased her disposition. Her whole being gave off a proud and noble air. There wasnt even a shadow of the timid and spineless country wench from before.

    "Its her! I wont mistake that face, a peasant girl is a peasant girl. She might have changed her wardrobe, but shes still inferior stock!" Chanel said in a sure tone.

    Her companion looked again carefully, and realized that that face really did belong to Ning Xi. Actually, five years ago, Ning Xi had had a good foundation, but she completely didnt know how to make herself up, and was always dressed in uncool styles. At the banquet that year, she had worn an A-line dress that was obviously one size too big and in an old-fashioned color, which left a deep impression on people.

    "Why is she buying children's clothes? I havent heard that shes married!"

    "Who knows which wild man the kid belongs to. Maybe it was an illegitimate pregnancy! Wasnt the reason Su Yan dumped her before was that she had been having an affair with another man?"

    As the two women traded words back and forth for a long time, Ning Xi finally remembered who they were.

    Chanel was called Ying Fanglin, and her companion was Jin Xuanxuan. They were both socialites in that circle, Ning Xueluos group of girlfriends. Back then, these were the two who had laughed at her the most.

    Later on, she heard that Ying Fanglin had married well, and in the first year, she had given her husband a son, so she had become even more arrogant. Jin Xuanxuan also had a fianc from a well-off family.

    Who knew she would encounter these high quality goods, wandering around the children's clothes section?

    It seemed that these two didnt know that she had entered the entertainment industry, and Ning Xi didnt want to quarrel with other people in a public place, so she directly ignored them and said to the salesgirl, "Miss, the bill, please."

    Although those two didnt look easy to deal with, it was Ning Xi, after all, who had seen the suit first, so the salesgirl hurriedly gave her the bill and swiped her card.

    But a problem popped up with the card.

    The sales-girls face looked a little ugly. "Im sorry, Miss, you have insufficient balance on your card."

    "Ah?" Ning Xi looked at her blankly.

    Only then did Ning Xi recall that last month, she had switched out the engine in her beloved car for an imported one, so there wasnt actually much money on her card

    When Ying Fanglin saw the situation, she immediately started to laugh mockingly. "Hahaha, youre really killing me, you have no money, but you still want to bite off more than you can chew!"

    Jin Xuanxuan also shrugged her shoulders disdainfully. "I would have thought in these last few years studying overseas, you would have progressed a little. As expected, a pheasant is still a pheasant, and will never ever become a phoenix!"

    Ying Fanglin looked smugly at the salesgirl. "Miss, can you give this outfit to me now?"

    "Yes, madam!" After replying, the salesgirl was about to take the outfit out of Ning Xis hands.

    Ning Xi held on and refused to let go.

    Ying Fanglin immediately yelled, "What, you have no money and youre still trying to act tough? Do you think this is the country?"

    With the outfit in one hand, Ning Xi used the other to rummage around in her bag and take out a black card, which she passed to the salesgirl. "Swipe this one."