Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059: Eat Three Bowls Of Rice

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The director was a kind-looking middle-aged man. His eyes lit up when he saw Ning Xi. "Hey! Our beauty of the day is here! Come here quickly, everyone, here's our female guest today!"

"Hello, I'm Ning Xi, I'm all yours today!" Ning Xi humbly greeted everyone.

"You're welcome! As expected, Ning Xi, you look much better in real life than on television!"

"I thought you're already pretty in those ancient outfits, but you look even better in a modern outfit! Seems like our rating for this episode is going to be good!"

The crew members came over to greet her excitedly. Because the entertainment industry placed heavy focus on facial features, they treated pretty people more passionately. Moreover, it was Ning Xi with such a refined and beautiful face.

The only one who was not happy today was probably the male guest.

Feng Rui was impressed when he saw Ning Xi, but then, he was also afraid.

With this show's precedence as proof, just how bad would her cooking be?

Some staff saw Feng Rui's dreadful expression. It was easy to guess what he was thinking. "Bro Rui, be grateful! You get to eat dishes made by such a hottie! I bet you can eat three bowls of rice justby looking at her face!"

"Then, can I just eat the rice later?" Feng Rui decided to make to a last attempt to escape.


After she finished greeting the crew, Ning Xi went up to Feng Rui. "Hello, you must be Senior Feng. Please watch out for me!"

Feng Rui's mood became better when he saw the girl's cute little face along with her respectful tone. He was surprised by how nice she was."You're overstating it, Ms. Ning, I'm not your senior! I just hope that I won't hold you back!"

For a male celebrity like Feng Rui who always played comedic characters, female celebrities within the industry wouldusually try to avoid him as much as possible.

However, for a beauty like Ning Xi, as an artiste who was recruited and currently supported by Glory World Entertainment, he was surprised that she would be this humble.

Had someone else been the female guest instead, they would probably be unhappy to be paired with a male guest like him

Feng Rui had been prepared to look at a sour face for the whole show, but he did not expect Ning Xi to be this down-to-earth

Even though it might be an act, it was really rare in the current entertainment industry!

Before Ning Xi came over, the director was pretty worried as well. He could not get any other male guest to come and only Feng Rui had agreed. He was afraid that Ning Xi might be unhappy about who the male guest was, so he had even prepared a few scripts to convince her. However, in the end, none were used.

Directors would, of course, love artistes who were cooperative. His impression of Ning Xi became better and better. He was thinking that if Ning Xi could not perform well later, he would make everyone stay back and give her a few more chances to retry.

The show "Beauty's Specialties" had been aired for about two years and everyone was used to the flow and prop of the programme, so everyone was well prepared. Soon, with the live audience settled in, the shoot began.

As the emcee, Ning Xi, and Feng Rui were all ready, the director yelled, "Okay! Let's start!"