Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057: Our Matrimonial Home

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Lu Tingxiao thought about it, then said, "We can use the infrared rays, maybe improvise it a little."

"We can refer to The Louvre's security system. That's an awesome system"

The two men started discussing things she did not understand.Even the little bun joined in their discussion.

"Eh? Use the robots you made as guards? I like this idea! You're so talented, my student! As expected of my student!" Tang Lang felt proud.

They finally decided on a villa in the evening.

It was located in the outskirts, but not too far away from the city. The villa gave off a warm vibe and the gentle colors paired well with the retro Chinese design. Even the environment around was great too; there was a small garden, a swimming pool, and a greenhouse included. There was also a private butler, who would be on call anytime, fulfilling whatever the owner wished. A notable mention was a large peach farm elocated on a mountain nearby, and Lu Tingxiao had plans for enhancing the security system as well.

Ning Xi instantly signed the contract on the spot. The house was put under both Lu Tingxiao's and her names.

Ning Xi cheerfully pass the contract to Lu Tingxiao. "Darling, this'll be our matrimonial home in the future!"

Lu Tingxiao had a smile on his usually stony face. "Mm hmm."

The little bun's eyes brightened up. Were they getting married?! So, he could officially become her son?

Tang Lang was speechless.He was probably blinded at this point!He had followed them all day long, so his eyes would have sustained heavy damage even if they were not blinded now!

He thought about how he still had to face them like this every day and he wished that he would drop dead now. Earning money was not an easy task!

Damn you, Tang Ye!Give me back my credit card!

At night, the happy family had dinner with Tang Lang.

Tang Lang thought that Ning Xi felt bad for him because she sent him off to the entrance when he was leaving after dinner.

"Second Senior Brother, I need your help for something!" Ning Xi stood in front of him with a serious expression.

"You need my help?" Tang Lang raised his eyebrows.

Ning Xi nodded. "Second Senior Brother, do you mind taking one more student in?"

Tang Lang was puzzled. "Another student? Who?"

"Me!" Ning Xi pointed at herself.

"What's wrong with you?" Tang Lang was really confused at this point.

This brat hated training the most, but now she was requesting him to train her?

"I'll pay you double," Ning Xi said in a sing-song voice.

"Boss, when are we starting?"

Ning Xi smiled, "I'll notify you!"

"What triggered you to do this?" Tang Lang looked at her suspiciously.

Ning Xi's smile faded. "A few days ago, Feng Jin 'invited' me over."

Tang Lang's expression changed as well. "It's much sooner than I thought... Then? What did he want?"

With Ning Xi looking as fit as a fiddle now, Lu Tingxiao must have reached her quickly.

Ning Xi's expression turned cold. "He probably wanted my life... Anyway, no matter what they are trying to do, I can't always rely on Lu Tingxiao's protection.I don't want him to always worry about me. Most importantly, I can't become his burden!"

Tang Lang remained silent.

Why the sudden display of affection!?

What happened to their happy conversation?

He should really look for Tang Ye for another fight and get his credit card back