Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1055

    Chapter 1055: A Cute Side

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    Lu Jingli and Jiang Muye remained silent.

    Both of them were shocked to the core, especially Lu Jingli. This brat dared to call Ning Xi her cousin-in-law? When did this even happen? How much did he miss!?

    Ning Xi blinked when she heard Lu Xinyan. "Oh, then you better stop calling me that."

    "You... How could you do this to me?!" Lu Xinyan sputtered in frustration.

    Ning Xi shrugged helplessly. "The issue can't be solved even if you call me that! I've signed the contract with others. They've already taken the products and the renovation is going on as we speak. There's order to everything. Even if your proposal is amazing, we can't do anything about it!"

    Lu Xinyan just stood there sadly. "Is there really no way at all?"

    Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao. "Boss, do you have any ideas?"

    Lu Xinyan also looked at Lu TIngxiao's direction, then she remembered that he was probably still angry with her about what happened the last time, so the chances of him helping her were pretty low

    Since his wife asked, Lu Tingxiao replied, "A large shopping complex is opening on the west side of the city. We can think of having another physical store there."

    Just one short sentence and all problems were solved.

    As expected of the boss!

    Lu Xinyan's eyes brightened immediately. "Really? Then, I'll contact them about it. No one's taking this away from me! I found out about this first!"

    Ning Xi smiled amusedly. "Yes, you found about it first. I'll reserve it for you."

    "You said it now. Don't go back on your word! I'll go to settle the shop!" Lu Xinyan left a whole bunch of toys with Little Treasure, then ran off like the wind.

    Lu Jingli was impressed. "Xiao Xi Xi, how did you do it? That brat Xinyan never had much patience. She always leaves things done halfway. I've never seen her so serious about anything before! It's as if she's become a different person!"

    Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "Every girl has a cute side of their own. It just depends on whether she wants to show it to you or not."

    "Well said!" Lu Jingli learned something new that day.

    "Oh, Jiang Muye, Sis Zhizhi has arranged for a cooking show for me called 'Beauty's Specialties'. I've never really heard about it before. Do you know anything about this show?" Ning Xi asked.

    Ling Zhizhi had probably picked this show because she knew Ning Xi was good at cooking. Plus, it was aligned with her public image as well.

    Ning Xi's principle was to not give up any chances. She wanted to do her best in every task she received.

    "Cooking show!?" Lu Jingli yelled before Jiang Muye could reply. He asked, "How will you guys deal with the props?"

    "What props?" Ning Xi was puzzled.

    "The dishes!" Lu Jingli explained.

    Ning Xi replied, "How would I know...? I've watched several cooking shows before... If it tastes bad, then they'll throw it away. If it's alright, then they'll probably give it to the shooting crew. As for this show, I'm not quite sure about the programme, that's why I'm asking Jiang Muye!"