Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054: Shamelessly

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Laughter rang through the house as they spent time together mirthfully. A weak knock was heard at the door.

The person outside was...Lu Xinyan.

Ning Xi was surprised by the unexpected guest.

Lu Xinyan looked uncomfortable when she noticed Ning Xi's gaze. She cleared her throat. "I'm here to visit Little Treasure. I heard that you were sick, so I came by to see you at once... These tonics were gifts from others... Take them if you like"

Although she said that she was here to visit Little Treasure, both Lu Jingli and Jiang Muye were really surprised.

Both of them did not know what had happened on the mountain. They only knew that Lu Xinyan really disliked Ning Xi, especially Lu Jingli, because Lu Xinyan always ranted to him about how Ning Xi had seduced Lu Tingxiao, and how only Guan Ziyao was worthy of Lu TIngxiao. She was obviously a hardcore fan of Guan Ziyao and a sworn enemy of Ning Xi

But now, she had come to visit Ning Xi on her own and even brought some tonics too?

The sun would probably rise from the West tomorrow

Did Xiao Xi Xi do anything shameless such as flirt with her?

"Thank you!" Ning Xi looked at the items Lu Xinyan brought. They were obviously hand-picked carefully for a sick person, but she did not mention anything and just thanked Lu Xinyan.

"Come over here, Little Treasure. Aunty's brought you some toys!" To avoid being awkward, Lu Xinyan went up to Little Treasure.

Ning Xi noticed that Lu Xinyan did not look well, so she asked, "Why are your eyebags so terrible?"

Lu Xinyan quickly rubbed her eyes and mumbled, "It's all your fault"

Lu Jingli felt like this conversation was going in the wrong direction

"Huh?" Ning Xi was confused.

"You didn't give me the franchising license, so I've to redo my proposal!" Lu Xinyan took out a small mirror and examined her face.

Ning Xi was surprised as she did not expect that Lu Xinyan had yet to give up.

Although it was cruel, she did not want her to invest more effort for nothing, so Ning Xi said, "But the five shops in Imperial are all taken. There were still two vacancies before, but we've signed the contract with someone else."

"What!? Gone? Even the last two?" Lu Xinyan was startled.

"Yes, both are gone," Ning Xi confirmed the bad news.

Lu Xinyan could not believe it. A short while later, she yelled, "How could it be!? I've spent a whole week redoing this proposal and I sacrificed a whole week of sleep! I've never been this serious before in my whole life! And now you're telling me that I've done all these for nothing?"

Ning Xi pinched the space between her eyebrows and looked at the girl in front of her. "Don't you even ask about the status of the situation before doing anything?"

" would I know that it'd be signed so quickly?!" Lu Xinyan sounded a little guilty.

Ning Xi was speechless.

Now, she understood why this girl always made more and more losses in her business

Lu Xinyan stared hard at Ning Xi. "I don't care! You said it yourself, as long as I treat this seriously and sincerely, Spirit Studio will accept me anytime! You cannot go back on your words! Moreover...I-I'm even calling you 'Cousin-sister-in-law' now! Can't you give me some leeway?"