Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053: Fed By Little Treasure

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"Oh! It's alright. I'm at my friend's place, so I'm being taken care of!" Ning Xi replied quickly.

"Okay then, let me know if anything happens. If it's serious, please go to the hospital," reminded Ling Zhizhi.

"Mmm, okay!"

"Rest well. I'm not sure when the programme will be delayed until. I'll arrange a cooking show for you after you recover. It's called 'Beauty's Specialties' and the venue is right here in Imperial. It should just take an afternoon. It's a pretty easy job."

"Alright, thank you, Sis Zhizhi!'

Ning Xi's tensed up muscles relaxed after the call ended and she curled back onto the bed, cuddling the soft pillow.

Although she should not think in such a way, it did feel great to hear that work was canceled when all she felt like doing was sleeping

The door made a creaking sound as it was pushed open.

Little Treasure came in.

Ning Xi was refreshed when she saw her baby. "Ah...Little"

Before she could finish her sentence, the little bun smashed the door close, then ran downstairs.

"Eh?" Ning Xi scratched her head while looking confused. What was wrong?

A while later, she heard footsteps coming up.

The little guy came in again with a bowl of porridge in his hands. He carefully walked towards the bed, then tried to feed her.

So, he had gone down to get her some breakfast

Ning Xi was touched. She almost wanted to give him a big hug, but she did not as she was afraid he might get infected. "You're so sweet, baby...but I'm sick right now. I'm afraid that you might get infected. Can you let your father feed me instead?"

The little bun was still holding the spoon, looking very determined as if he was saying, "I'm not afraid of any sickness! I want to take care of Mommy!"

Lu Tingxiao came into the room with some snacks. "He's not that weak, let him feed you."

Ning Xi quickly gulped the porridge down. "Mmm, it's good"

The little bun stood beside the bed and fed Ning Xi spoon by spoon as Lu Tingxiao sat on the bed and started peeling some oranges slowly.

When Lu Jingli and Jiang Muye came in, they saw a happy family existing in perfect harmony.

"Sister-in-law, are you feeling better? I think giving flowers are kind of outdated now, so I brought some vegetables from my yard for you!" Lu Jingli had a basket of fruits and vegetables with him.

Jiang Muye kept quiet while holding a bouquet of "outdated" flowers

Jiang Muye rolled his eyes at Lu Jingli, then he put the flowers into a vase on the table. He looked at Ning Xi's pale face. "I didn't expect you'd get sick"

Ning Xi replied, "As long as one is human, one can fall sick. So, the question is, am I not human now?"

"Sometimes you aren't" Jiang Muye said.

"Sister-in-law, what happened? You're always as fit as a cow. How did you suddenly fall sick?" Lu Jingli asked suspiciously.

Fit like a cow?

This stupid Lu Jingli! Couldn't he phrase it any better?

Ning Xi glared at him angrily. "I'm just a little shocked, alright?"

"What? Stop lying! What could shock you to the point of falling ill?" Lu Jingli did not believe it.

Ning Xi ignored him. She would rather maintain her image of being"fit like a cow" than tell them that she was afraid of ghosts.

Also, she decided that she would soon download a whole bunch of horror films with ghosts and watch all of it until she was not scared of them anymore!