Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042: We Meet Again

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"That's pretty fast...good timing, I missed him too!"

The silver-haired man looked at the dozens of private helicopters outside the house, his eyes brimming with manic excitement as he stepped out quickly and totally forgot about Ning Xi.

Tang Ye followed him as well but before he left, he looked at Ning Xi with an indescribable expression. He had heard the rumors of Lu Tingxiao possessing a private army, but to deploy them in Imperial and just for a woman

"Hey! No! Don't go! First Senior Brother! You can still keep me in here! But have someone stay with me! You know that I'm afraid of ghosts"

However, before Ning Xi could finish, the door closed once again.

These monsters, especially Yun Shen who ran away so quickly the moment he heard Lu Tingxiao was here! Ning Xi was going to give them a hard time if she ever got out of this place alive!

Although she was left alone in the room again, she did not feel scared anymore probably because she heard that Lu Tingxiao had arrived. She went up to the window and looked around

Unfortunately, it was too dark, so she could only see a few choppers around. Because she was not sure of the exact situation out there, she could not see where Lu Tingxiao was. She had to get out of there!

What if that old man Feng Jin tried something funny on her again!?

Ning Xi looked around the room again but she could not find anything useful. She also could not move anything heavy since her hands were tied up. Her only option was to try to break the window by running towards it

Unfortunately, it did not even budge an inch. Which idiot made this window so sturdy? Her bones were almost crushed by the impact.

At the grass patch in the front yard, among the dozens of choppers hovering above, one of them descended slowly on an empty spot.

A group of armed men alighted before a man in black suit with an extremely cold expression. The armed force formed a parallel formation and the man walked in between them as they moved slowly towards the creepy, old villa.

Another group of armed men was waiting for them right in front of the villa and it was at that moment that they realized Lu Tingxiao's men surrounded them. Yun Shen's men formed a team of about a dozen people but compared to Lu Tingxiao's serious professional team, the other party looked more carefree and less disciplined.

The door to the villa opened and the silver-haired man came out.

As soon as they saw the silver-haired man, the men with the carefree expressions suddenly turned serious. They behaved respectfully towards him and cleared a path for him as well.

Both men, one as cold as ice, the other as cunning as a demon, walked towards each other.

The air was tense and both sides were ready for a fight.

The two men stopped and stood about ten steps away from each other. Their poisonous looks at each other could almost cause a spark in the air.

The silver-haired man bit his lip. With a fire burning in his crimson red eyes, he looked at the man in the black suit, his bloodlust practically splattering everywhere. "We meet again."