Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040: Who Wants Your Heart?

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"Yun Shen! What do you want!?" Ning Xi was finally awake and she demanded.

The man looked at his bleeding hand, then licked it slowly. His demonic eyes locked onto her and he said in a low voice beside her ears, "I didn't really plan to do anything...but now"

His voice creeped Ning Xi out. "I've already told you clearly. Yes, you saved my life, so I gave you four years of my life and risked my life countless times for you but now, I don't owe you anything! We're going on separate paths, so what's wrong with that?"

The man cackled as he held her chin, "You don't owe me? My dear, don't even talk about when you're alive. Even if you're dead, you're still mine! If I go to hell, you'll follow right behind me!"

This...this maniac!

The man's expression was crazy and the situation was going out of hand. Ning Xi was not just tied up, she could not move at all. She kept her eyes shut and yelled, "You won't harvest any sweet fruits from forcefully picking them! Is there any meaning to what you're doing!?"

"Who told you that I like sweet fruits?"

Ning Xi was taken aback. "You...even if you get my body, you'll never have my heart!"

The man raised his eyebrows as he ran his fingers through her hair. "I only want your body. Who wants your heart?"

Why was he acting so irrationally?

When she was almost scared to death just now, she had prayed for a living person to come! As long as it was a living person! But now, as she looked at the guy in front of her, she might as well have met a ghost

There must be something wrong with her method of praying

"Wait! Don't you want to know why I chose Lu Tingxiao?" Ning Xi yelled again.

As expected, the man stopped. He squinted his eyes, then asked her with a half-hearted smile, "Tell me about it"

Ning Xi gulped, able to relax a little.

Probably because she had mentioned Lu Tingxiao's name, the girl's expression softened. It was an expression he had never seen before, exciting his inner dominating desire

Ning Xi closed her eyes and said slowly, "Yun Shen, you know a lot about me. Whether it was when I was still staying with my foster parents, or when I was taken back by the Ning family when I was 18, or even the four years when I was overseas, before I met Lu Tingxiao, there was not a day that I could be myself!

"Because I was afraid of being abandoned, I tried my best to appeal to my foster parents and grandmother. Because I was afraid of being ignored, I tried to look good in front of my parents and the socialites. Because of love, I gave up everything to try to please Su Yan. Because I wanted to survive, I buried my real self"

Up to this point, Ning Xi was reminded of the years when she had wandered overseas and she wore a cold smile. However, soon, the coldness melted away. "After I came back, revenge blinded me and made me lose my way

"Until...I met that person...until I met Lu one has ever treated me so well. He loves me and protects me, he always quietly sacrifices himself for me and he's never forced me to do anything...I can only be myself in front of him!"