Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039: Who Are You Keeping Yourself For?

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The scenery in her mind shifted again. It was a sunny afternoon and there was a loud screech of brakes. She felt a sharp pain in her stomach

Child...her child the eyes...everywhere

Child! My child!

He's dead! Your child is dead! He was born dead! What could you do even if he's not dead? Are you going to take care of an illegitimate child?

No...she did not believe it...his heart had still beenbeating in her womb just a moment ago

Not an illegitimate child! Her child was not an illegitimate child!

She had been looking forward to the birth of her child, it was her child! Her precious child!

Give me back my baby! Give me back

The woman's mournful voice echoed through her head. Deep in her heart, she knew it was her own voice

Finally, the next moment...she saw that child, she finally saw her baby

In a cold morgue...a small body which was all purple and blue...the baby had stopped breathing

Her child, her baby was dead

Suddenly, there was a loud screech amongst the silence. It was the opening of the door.




Leather shoes stepped into the room anda tall man came in.

The man's fair hand was holding a candle. Under the dim light, it highlighted his greyish eyes and his silver hair

The man walked slowly towards the bed and closed in on the dark silhouette.

There was a girl on the bed and she was gripping the pillow tightly, drenched in sweat. Her hair was wet and her body was shivering


The girl was definitely not fully conscious until she noticed the source of thelight and the sound of footsteps. She looked up and stared and the direction of the light

"You're still useless as ever!" The man's sarcastic tone echoed through the spooky room.

Ning Xi stared at the person while maintaining her fetal position. She did not move and did not say anything. It seemed like she was still in her dream-like state.

The girl was wearing a furry onesie and her body was quivering as she stared hard at him with her reddened eyes... It was just

Too easy to trigger a person's darkest desire

The man's eyes went darker and darker as he slowly extended his hand towards the girl. He tried to touch her lips

The next moment, the man felt a sharp pain on his hand.

Before he could close in, the girl had bitten his hand, blood smearing the girl's mouth and the man's hand

The man's expression changed. He held the girl's lower jaw and pushed her onto the bed. With a cold and angry expression, he spoke in a dangerous tone, "Who are you keeping yourself for? Hmm?"