Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1033

    Chapter 1033: Indirectly Because of Ning Xi

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    "How did you get Song Jin?" Lu Chongshan asked,not able to help but be a little emotional.

    If they could get Song Jin to uncover Little Treasure's potential, that was an amazing thing that money could not buy!

    Most importantly, Song Jin could not be hired with just money! So, he was quite curious how his son had done it.

    "It was not I who did it." Lu Tingxiao remained a man of few words.

    Lu Chongshan was about to get annoyed at his son's temper, then he caught Lu Jingli humming and walking past the door from the corner of his eye. He quickly called for him, "Jingli, come here! I have something to ask you!"

    When Lu Jingli heard his father call, he walked over hesitantly but stood far away. "Father...what do you want to do? I won't get married even if it kills me!"

    Yan Ruyi shot her son an annoyed look. "Your father and I just wanted to ask you how Little Treasure became Song Jin's apprentice. What do you know about this?"

    "I was there when Little Treasure served tea to his master! What's up?" Lu Jingli nodded.

    "Really? Quick! Quickly come over and tell us what happened! I'll be angered to death talking to your brother!" Yan Ruyi quickly tugged at Lu Jingli to ask.

    Lu Jingli scratched his head. "Well, it was because Sister-in-law wanted to invite Song Jin for her studio's line next season. She could not get him after repeated visits, but on the fourth day, which was yesterday, it was coincidentally a Saturday and because the village is so beautiful, she decided to bring Little Treasure along for a spring outing. Brother had work that day, so he couldn't make it. Jiang Muye and I followed along to enjoy while being hard laborers and Sister-in-law caught a rabbit too. Initially, she said that we were going to grill it to eat but Little Treasure hugged it saying he liked it or something, so it went to Little Treasure. Sigh, wouldn't it be better to grill it? That rabbit was so fat, it would've been so yummy..."

    Lu Chongshan's veins were bulging at this point. "Get to the point!"

    Yan Ruyi held her forehead helplessly. One son cherished his words like gold while the other was a chatterbox. Could these two punks just meet in the middle?

    "Oh..." Lu Jingli recalled the rabbit, then continued, "Then, halfway through, it rained. We took shelter at Elder Song's place where Little Treasure and Elder Song had some interaction. He probably found out about Little Treasure's talent for the arts, so he took the initiative and suggested an apprenticeship...enough?"

    Yan Ruyi approved, "Enough!"

    By the time she had finished listening to Lu Jingli's explanation, Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan were amazed. The two of them did not think that Little Treasure's apprenticeship with Song Jin was an indirect result of Ning Xi!


    At night, after returning to the old residence, Yan Ruyi was still thinking about it.

    Seeing Yan Ruyi being so absent-minded, Lu Chongshan asked, "What are you thinking about?"

    "I'm thinking about Little Treasure's apprenticeship! It was actually because of that woman!" mumbled Yan Ruyi.

    Lu Chongshan frowned. "What do you mean because of that woman? Isn't it just a coincidence? It's because our Little Treasure is talented!"

    Yan Ruyi shook her head. "That's too much of coincidence... Don't you think that ever since that woman appeared, our family has started to progress towards a better direction!? Tingxiao's changes aside, especially Little Treasure...his body and spirits are becoming increasingly better, and he is slowly becoming a normal person...

    "No! Why would he be the same as a normal person? Our Little Treasure is even smarter than Lu Tingxiao back in the days! Now, Little Treasure even managed to invite the impossible-to-be-invited Song Jin to be his teacher. I heard that Little Treasure's martial arts teacher is a very amazing person too!"