Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1030

    Chapter 1030: Don't Be Sad, I'll Let You Stroke Me!

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    "Naturally." Song Jin nodded.

    Ning Xi squatted down to look at Little Treasure and asked, "Little Treasure, are you willing to learn how to draw from Grandfather Song?"

    Little Treasure stroked the furry rabbit in his arms and blinked, looked at Father, Mommy, and then the grandfather...

    At last, under Song Jin's nervous gaze, Little Treasure finally nodded.

    The instant that he nodded, Song Jin was so emotional he almost cried out, "Great! Great! will become Song Jin's only apprentice! As your Master, I'll definitely pass on all of my painting techniques from this lifetime of mine to you!"

    Then, under Mommy's directions, Little Treasure followed the steps of formally becoming the apprentice of an art grandmaster and obediently served Song Jin tea, making everything official.

    After the ceremony was done, Lu Tingxiao thought about something before asking, "But there is one problem. Elder, you live a little too far..."

    "That is not a problem, I can completely uproot my life for my obedient apprentice, I will just move close to wherever you live!" Song Jin said spontaneously. The more he looked at Little Treasure, the more he liked him.

    His artistic techniques and skills required a lot of talent and intelligence. Although he had already stopped hoping to find a successor that could meet his requirements, God was so kind to him and led him on a path of fate to meet this boy.

    Ning Xi did not know what to say to Song Jin. She had traveled over land and water to meet this grandmaster. On the contrary, it was the little bun who Elder Song was willing to go to the extent of visiting to teach.

    My amazing baby!

    Because it was already late and it was pouring outside, Song Jin let them stay for a night since he was in an incredibly good mood as well.

    Lu Jingli and Jiang Muye stayed in one room, while Ning Xi, Lu Tingxiao, and the little bun stayed in another.

    Earlier, Lu Tingxiao had seen the rabbit in his son's embrace. Now, he turned to Ning Xi and asked, "Where did the rabbit come from?"

    Ning Xi replied delightedly, "I caught it! I wanted to grill it to eat but Little Treasure likes it, so I let him play with it! Isn't it cute? It's furry! And soft!"

    "Cute indeed." Lu Tingxiao stretched out his wide palm and stroked the rabbit's ears.

    When Little Treasure saw that, he immediately carried the rabbit to Mommy's side. Mine, no touching.

    Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

    Seeing Lu Tingxiao's deflated expression, Ning Xi laughed and dipped her head towards him. "Don't be sad, I'll let you stroke me!"

    The little bun was agitated by this. He quickly shoved the rabbit back to Lu Tingxiao. Father, you should just stroke the rabbit!

    "Hahahaha..." Ning Xi held her stomach and laughed hard.

    He looked at his own son and helplessly sighed. Even though both father and son were on the same page, they still fought to be dotedupon.

    "Ah, this is great! Apart from our baby having a martial arts teacher, he now has a drawing teacher. He is really the master of pen and sword!" Ning Xi said happily.

    "Ning Xi."

    Lu Tingxiao suddenly called her seriously, causing Ning Xi confusion. "What?"

    "Thank you."

    "Why are you suddenly thanking me for?"

    "Thank you for being so good to Little Treasure."

    Ning Xi patted the little bun's head with a loving gaze. "Shouldn't it be a given that I'm good to my son? Right, little bun?"

    Little Treasure nodded.

    As the night fell, the rain continued to patter on the window and the air was filled with the smell of fresh soil. Little Treasure gradually fell into a slumber and slept soundly...