Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Fake Daughter, Real Mistress

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In the next second, Ning Xis head was covered with black lines.

The Fancy Little Carp Prince ID was verified as: CEO of Glory World Entertainment, Lu Jingli

You are the boss of a big entertainment company, can you not use such a lame ID? Its like some freaking 13-year-old!

Who knew the last-minute investor would turn out to be Lu Jingli, but it wasn't unexpected, and in fact it made sense. After all, this was Jiang Muyes first film after returning from abroad, it was natural for Glory World to give him full support.

But fifty-million for a mere second male lead, no wonder people said Glory World was the richest company in the industry.

Wang Taihes Weibo post cleared up the situation, and all the stains on Ning Xis reputation had been completely wiped out. Jia Qingqing ended up with the reputation as a difficult diva and trashy actress. Anyone with good sense could see that it was Jia Qingqing who had been secretly slandering Ning Xi, it was a shame there was no concrete evidence to prove it.

Up to this point, everything had gone according to Ning Xis expectations, but she never thought that there would be even more shocking developments after this.

In the early hours of the morning, Jia Qingqings manager Han Ying put up a Weibo post.

Han Ying posted evidence that Jia Qingqing had hired her water army to slander Ning Xi, even arranging for people with side accounts to infiltrate Jiang Muyes fanbase and rile them up, to use the fans to attack Ning Xi.

What was even more shocking, Han Ying actually exposed the fact that Jia Qingqing wasnt the daughter of the rich man she called her father, but his mistress!

The rich man Jia Qingqing spoke of as her father was not her real father at all, and instead was her sugar daddy. He was even married with kids.

Han Yings Weibo post contained plenty incriminating chat records and scandalous photos. No matter what Jia Qingqing said, she wouldnt be able to deny it.

There was only one road for Jia Qingqing now retirement.

Even if she could still make a comeback, in the entertainment industry, where the new was always replacing the old, her chances of making a comeback was next to none.

After violating the professional code by exposing the private life of an artiste under her care, Han Yings own career as a manager was also ruined. Who knew what kind of conflict she had with Jia Qingqing, that Han Ying would take her down with her in such an intense way.

After the issue blew up, Starlight Entertainment attempted to delete all posts, topics, and comments, but there were too many to be able to do so; furthermore, this only made online users even angrier.

So to appease public anger, Starlight could only release a statement saying that they would seriously investigate Jia Qingqing for her role in maliciously slandering Ning Xi. As for the matter of Jia Qingqing being a kept woman, the company so far was tight-lipped. They had released a neutral statement about investigating that matter further, but obviously, they were reluctant to give up on Jia Qingqing, for the big money they had spent on her.

Ning Xi didn't have any scenes today, and at first she was prepared to rest at home for the day, but because this issue had blown up so much, she received a call after breakfast to go to the company.

In the meeting room, Ning Xueluo, Chang Li, and Jia Qingqing were all present, along with the Director of Public Relations, Feng Haoyang.

Jia Qingqing had her head down, and there were huge dark circles under her eyes. As soon as she saw Ning Xi walk in, she stood up in extreme agitation. "Ning Xi, you bitch! Now are you satisfied? I wont let you get away with this!"

Ning Xi picked helplessly at her ear; it was more or less the same speech each time, she was getting callouses from listening to it so many times.

"Shut your mouth, dont you think youve caused enough trouble?" Feng Haoyang rebuked her impatiently.

Jia Qingqing was extremely unwilling, but she only could sit down feeling aggrieved. Her cowardly sugar daddy had disappeared after the truth of their relationship had been revealed. Her entire fate now lay in Feng Haoyangs hands.

"Sit." Feng Haoyang said shortly to Ning Xi, his had expression full of hesitation, as if he was still deciding something.

At this moment, Chang Li spoke up. "Ning Xi, you should already know what happened last night. Heres the thing, in a short while, Qingqing is going to post a public apology for slandering you. When you respond, say that you were also at fault; be a little more generous, and say that youve forgiven her."