Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018: Ill Make You Impotent!

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"Special meaning?"

Chen Hanchen was not satisfied and he did not understand why she was so adamant about staying with Glory World Entertainment.

Why did Ning Xi sound like she was confessing her feelings to someone?

As Chen Hanchen was about to ask more, a taxi came by and Ning Xi quickly fled into the car. "I'm leaving now, goodbye!"

He had actually spokento Ning Xi in front of Ke Mingyu on purpose as he wanted to establish his power and to remind Ke Mingyu that he was not worthy of Ning Xi. Unfortunately, in the end, Ning Xi rejected him so swiftly

At Platinum Palace, Ning Xi reached first and a short while later, Ke Mingyu returned as well.

As soon as she saw her boss, Ning Xi hopped over to him. "Hey, Boss! Did I do well just now? I'd like a reward!"

Lu Tingxiao stared into her eyes, he then kissed her passionately

The moon was bright and the night sky was beautiful with refreshing cold air


There was a loud noise from behind! Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi turned around. They then saw Lu Jingli standing there. It seemed like hehad just dropped a big pot from his hands onto the ground, his handsome face looking furious.

Lu Tingxiao still had Ke Mingyu's mask on, so Lu Jingli must have misunderstood!

"Jingli, listen to me"

Before Ning Xi could continue, Lu Jingli covered his ears and yelled loudly, "No, I'm not listening! My brother is such an amazing, smart, cool gentleman, is the best husband ever, and even has Little Treasure...It's not just the women in town, even I'm falling in love with him! And yet, you're doing this! Xiao Xi Xi, I'm so disappointed in you!"

Ning Xi was annoyed. "Bro, relax, alright?"

"Relax!? How can I relax right now!?" Lu Jingli turned to Ke Mingyu and looked at him with his furious eyes. "Bastard! You're the one who seduced my sister-in-law, huh? Don't you know who I am? You dare to mess with her?! I'm going to make you impotent today!"

Ugh"impotent", he said

Before Lu Jingli could get hurt, Ning Xi slipped in between them and shielded Lu Jingli's attack. "Lu Jingli, calm down, he's"

Lu Jingli interrupted her with a loud roar before she could finish her sentence, "Are you serious?! You're even defending him right now?!"

Ning Xi put her hand to her forehead, figuring that she could not reason with him anymore. "Alright then...I'll not stop you now...go on! Make him impotent! Go!"

Ning Xi stepped away, leaving him open to the path to hell.

Lu Jingli charged straight at Ke Mingyu, aiming for his lower body.



It was a mournful scream. Even before the poor thing could even reach his opponent, his hands were locked behind his back