Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1016

    Chapter 1016: An Open Challenge

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    David could taint them but they could do the same!

    With the effort of Qiao Weilan'sPR team, the industry discussion quickly took a turn and suddenly, most of the fashion magazines shouted headlines like these:

    [David can't forget about Golden Awards, accuses opponent of plagiarism]

    [History's poor quality, flaws everywhere. Is David's talent coming to an end?]

    [Golden Awards judge, China's best designer support ZX]

    [Spirit Studio openly challenges History: Let's look forward to the next season!]

    Ning Xi had specifically mentioned something about David's exhausted talent, attacking him where it hurt the most.

    The public was easily guided. In addition to how few pieces David was releasingevery season, their quality was not exactly up to standards. Soon, the headlines were getting more and more agreement from the public.

    Since Spirit Studio had issued an official challenge, everyone put their focus on the next season's line. While History had no actual proof that Spirit Studio plagiarized, David was already suspected to have run out of ideas, so they could only take the challenge head-on. This war would wage into the next season.

    At night, in a famous revolving restaurant in the midst of Imperial.

    Ever since she came back, Lu Xinyan always looked for Guan Ziyao and hung out with her but recently, she had not been contacting her. Realizing this, Guan Ziyao asked Lu Xinyan out for dinner.

    "Xinyan, did Ning Xi give you any trouble for what happened? I've apologized to her personally. It's all my fault but if she still blames you for it, ask her to speak to me directly!" Guan Ziyao asked.

    Lu Xinyan tried to remember what happened the other day, then shequickly replied, "Not really, she probably wouldn't do anything to me for my cousin's sake. Don't worry, Sis Ziyao!"

    "Alright!" Guan Ziyao nodded, then asked, "What happened to the endorsement you talked about the last time?"

    "Well...Ning Xi made it pretty clear that it's probably not going to happen! But recently, I've been making some new plans although I'm not sure if they'd work" Lu Xinyan sighed.

    "Actually, there're a lot of such brands available. Have you thought about changing to another one? Guan Ziyao asked.

    "Changing to another brand?"

    "Yeap, have you heard about History before? It's a pretty good brand and it's better known than Spirit Studio. I've contacted the person-in-charge already, so there shouldn't be any problem. If you're willing to, they'll welcome you!" Guan Ziyao said.

    Lu Xinyan did not look very interested. "I've heard about them before but...I still prefer the clothes from Spirit Studio"

    "But I heard some bad rumors about Spirit Studio recently"

    "I've heard about those too but it's just all talk! I've looked through most of the clothes from both Spirit Studio and History. While the styles are similar, Spirit Studio have taken them a notch higher! And David's recent designs make me feel that his time really has come to an end. I don't think that highly of him now. On the other hand, Spirit Studio seems to have some new stuff lined up for the next season. They always give people an element of surprise" Lu Xinyan said cheerfully for a little while, then lay her head on the table and sighed, "Why...why not me...? I'm really going to be serious this's rare that I want something this much. I've even spent effort researching on it"

    Guan Ziyao stopped trying to convince her as Lu Xinyan was showing such persistence and they went their separate ways after dinner.