Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1014

    Chapter 1014: Counterattack

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    Some of the more important customers had seen him in person before and they commented that the secret designer, ZX, who was behind Spirit Studio was a handsome young man, even better looking than some of the new artistes!

    David was relieved because based on that sort of description, he was sure that it could not be that nerdy Gong Shangze!

    While his biggest threat was settled in his mind, Spirit Studio's sudden growth took him by surprise. Without any sign, they had quietly grown to become such a formidable opponent; they were even more popular than History when they had just started out!

    The combination of the threat from Spirit Studio and the pressure from Ning Xueluo was worsened by the fact that the design drafts he had stolen were dwindling and none of the designers he hired were up to his standards. He tried to create some designs by himself, but he realized that after all these years of focusing on sales and business, his mind simply went blank whenever he tried to create a new design.

    Fortunately, History still retained most of their big customers, which were surely unreachable by Spirit Studio, but the latter was just like a blade at his throat and he could not let it grow any further.

    In order to stand a chance to win an award, Ning Xueluo had gone away to a village to shoot a literary film and she was furious when she found out about Spirit Studio the moment she came back.

    "What's wrong with you? Didn't I ask you to watch them closely?! How did they grow this much in the short time that I was away?!"

    "The companies in the industry are mostly in good relationships with us. We can talk to them and tell them not to take any jobs from Spirit Studio, but who'd expect them to focus on the socialite circle? That isn't something we can tap into"

    "Stop with the excuses, you're just useless! If they didn't get the Golden Award last time, it wouldn't have turned out like this today!" Ning Xueluo fumed angrily.

    She still had not found out why Ning Xi was so close to Zhuang Keer. The elder had intentions to revise his will and History was in such a bad state of affairs as well. She was very exhausted ruminating about the possibilities of the future.

    David had almost yelled at her. She was pushing all the responsibilities onto him again!

    While it was true that the Golden Award was his mistake, but what about what had happened afterward? Not only did the owner behind Spirit Studio collaborate with Qing Shengyue, rumor also had it that they had hired an expert from the industry and even Zhuang Keer was fond of them

    As for Ning Xueluo, she did nothing apart from blame the designer! Designers were supposed to design. They could not do everything under the sun!

    If it had not been for his getting those design drafts, there would not be any History today!

    While David thought about it, he kept quiet and suppressed his anger for a moment. "Boss, the matter isn't as severe as you think. Spirit Studio is just plagiarizing my designs but they won't stand tall for long. I've contacted a few mainstream media outlets to write about some things. Spirit Studio must be having some troubles now"

    At the same time, at Spirit Studio, Ning Xi looked at the news about Spirit Studio that Han Momo had collected. A cold smile spread across her face. "I knew that guy would counter us!"

    "David is really too much! When can we reveal his true colors to the public?!" Han Momo growled angrily.