Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Fancy Little Carp Prince

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After returning to the room, Ning Xi suddenly remembered that she had forgotten to do something very important after causing a stir with that video, she had yet to check how things had developed after that.

It was all Jiang Muye that guys fault, ever since coming back, he had created a lot of trouble for her.

Ning Xi booted up her laptop and quickly skimmed all related news.

Last night, the video of Jia Qingqings 33 NGs had been pushed to the top of the list of hot topics. The comments below were filled with criticism, while Ning Xi, who had surprised people with her exquisite acting, received a lot of positive comments. Instantly, one after another, people started to suspect that the online post about Ning Xi sleeping her way up was untrue.

Soon after that, anonymous side accounts disclosed how Jia Qingqing took advantage of filming to act out her personal grudge: she slapped Ning Xi on purpose during filming; in private she was arrogant and domineering, and had slapped her assistant; she acted like a diva on set and made things difficult for the staff

Eventually, artistes and staff who couldnt stand Jia Qingqing all joined the battle as theyshared similar experiences, thoroughly destroying the fake mask which Jia Qingqing put on in front of her fans.

Stylist Amy: At the beginning I hated Ning Xi, because Jia Qingqing usually targeted her, and to make things difficult for Ning Xi, she would take out her anger on us staff. Similarly, to make Ning Xi wait, she would find non-stop excuses to make me redo her makeup over and over again; this happened almost everyday. At first, I thought I suffered because of Ning Xi, so I hated her for a long time. In fact, she did nothing wrong at all.

I know by saying this, I will definitely get in trouble with some people, but I would feel guilty if I didn't say anything. That day when Jiang Muyes fans created trouble on set, if it wasnt for Ning Xi directly using her own arm to help block a rock thrown in my direction, my face would've been ruined!

Production assistant Xiao Li: What frank and outspoken; abhor sin and lies, Jia Qingqing is an arrogant and domineering diva, the cancer on the production crew. She is late almost everyday, and leaves early without telling anyone. Shes always ordering us around arrogantly, and completely doesnt see us staff as human. I cant count how many times she makes me run around doing things for her in a day, does she think Im her servant?

As for Ning Xi, even though shes usually on her own, and looks a little aloof, she is always polite to us staff, and always thanks everyone each time filming wraps up.Even though we were biased towards her and never replied, she still did this every time.

Assistant director: Im nobody, but I still want to clarify something. The only time that someone sent gifts to Ning Xi was on the first day of production, and Ive never seen Ning Xi act intimately with any guy. Its normal for a beautiful woman to have a few admirers, who knew the news would change and spread like that!

Director of photography: Ning Xis professionalism is faultless, the camera favors her, and she knows what to do. Unless it is because of other people, she basically completes all her scenes in one take, so filming her is the most relaxing for me. As for Jia Qingqing she is probably every DPs nightmare! Shes had too much plastic surgery, her nose is a weird shape, and she always complainsits because my skills are terrible. Does she think I have to photoshop everything for her?

Director Guo Qisheng: The rumors online about Ning Xi are all untrue. This is an insult not just to Ning Xi, but also to the whole production. At first we planned to wait until the movie was released, so that everyone who saw Ning Xis acting would be clear about the truth. But now since things have escalated to the point that it is seriously affecting the filming progress, we are releasing an early tidbit, so you can see for yourself! [video]

Producer Wang Taihe: Sigh, since everyone has expressed their opinions, Ill also say something! I have seen so many people say that our movie suddenly received an additional fifty-million yuan investment because of a sponsor backing Ning Xi. To clear up this rumor, I obtained permission from the investor to reveal his identity as @Fancy Little Carp Prince.

Ning Xi had anticipated that for a lot of people in the production crew, their tolerance of Jia Qingqing had already reached the limit. It only took one person saying something first, then everything else came pouring out. But she hadnt thought that as they condemned Jia Qingqing, they would also give Ning Xi some praise, which was an unexpected bonus. After all, it was always nice to have ones efforts recognized.

Wang Taihes post intrigued her, and she hurriedly clicked on the Fancy Little Carp Prince ID to see who the investor was