Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004: Bastard! How Is It You!?

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The next morning, Ning Xi woke up bright and early and put on the new male outfit she had just bought. She cooked a pot of fragrant seafood porridge and filled a Thermos with it, then she made her way to the Zhuang residence to visit a particular sick girl.

At house number seven on Chang'an Road, when the guard saw that the visitor was a young, fashionable and strange man, they were vigilant and called the Zhuang family for verification before suspiciously letting Ning Xi in.

When she reached the door, a servant led Ning Xi upstairs. Zhuang Keer practically did not have any friends, more so of the opposite gender and it was such a handsome young man too. Thus, all the servants were very curious and they all stole many glances at Ning Xi.

"The Miss's room is right here!" The housekeeper led her to Zhuang Keer's door.

"Thank you!"

"Is it Xiao Xi? Quickly come in!" An enthusiastic voice was heard from inside of Zhuang Keer's bedroom.

The moment Ning Xi walked in, she saw that Zhuang Keer was very busy, so she could not help but ask, "Keer, what are you doing?"

"I didn't know that you would be here this early. I haven't had the time to put on some makeup and change my clothes!" Zhuang Keer looked anxious.

Ning Xi helped her to her bed and said, "My lady, you already look very pretty like this!"

"Bro Xi, you wore a male outfit today..." Zhuang Keer noticed Ning Xi's dressing and her eyes could not help but sparkle. Even the way she addressed her had changed.

Ning Xi smiled and teased, "Yeah! I promised you that you could see your dream guy anytime, didn't I?"

"In fact, looking at handsome guys is beneficial for your body and mind, it can make you happy and you'll get well soon!" Ning Xi said as she opened the Thermos she had brought, "I came early especially to bring you some breakfast. I'm guessing that you probably don't have the appetite for anything else, so I made you some seafood porridge! Try it!"

"Thank you!" Zhuang Keer did not think that Ning Xi would be this considerate. She instantly felt so touched and did not know what to say.

"Don't thank me! It should be me who's thanking you!"

Ning Xi was the kind of person who felt that both revenge and favors had to be repaid in multipliers. She could not stand it the most when someone was kind to her. If someone was genuinely kind to her, she would go all out to repay them, so the porridge was just a small matter.

"Is it yummy?" Ning Xi fed her a spoonful of porridge.

Zhuang Keer could not get enough of it even after finishing half the Thermos. "Mmm, it's so yummy, Bro Xi, how did you do it? The porridge at home is tasteless but yours is so fragrant!"

"If you want to learn, I can teach you next time!"


"Are the Elder and Senior Official Zhuang not at home?"

"Grandfather is at the sanitarium, while Father has been with his troops for the past few days, and Mother is out of the country for most of the year, so it's just me at home! Oh, wait, no. My brother is here too. He seems to have fought with someone again last night. It's a good thing Father isn't home these two days, or else, if he found out..."

Zhuang Keer was still speaking to Ning Xi when...bam! The door had been rudely pushed open. Outside the door, Zhuang Rongguan stood there stupidly. "Sister! You..."

Before he could continue, Zhuang Rongguang's idiotic face twisted further and he looked as if he had seen a ghost, then his fury spiraled as he stared at Ning Xi to shout, "Damn it! Bastard! How is it you?"

Zhuang Keer immediately frowned. "Rongguang, don't be so rude!"

"Sis, what is this guy doing in our house? What's the relationship between the two of you? What's happening here?" Zhuang Rongguang felt like he was going crazy as if he was in a nightmare.

Why had this guy appeared bright and early at his house? And he was even sitting on his sister's bed!