Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1002

    Chapter 1002: It Must Be Very Exciting...

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    "What, what? What news?" Ning Xi immediately asked.

    "Even though I haven't been in touch with Tang Ye, I did meet with Third Senior Sister and she told me to remind you to be more careful these days as Feng Jin might come up with some huge trick!" Tang Lang said.

    Ning Xi immediately had goosebumps when she heard his warning. "Damn it! Since Third Senior Sister reminded you, why didn't you tell me earlier!? If I had never asked you, would you ever tell me? Don't be so petty and do so as part of your thirst for revenge!"

    Tang Lang rolled his eyes at her. "Revenge, my ass! It's Feng Jin making the move. Do you think it'll work if you're more careful? You might as well just continue to live your life in ignorance and carefreeness! Besides, you already have someone backing you up, so what're you worried for?!"

    Tang Lang had said the second half of the sentence with intense jealousy.

    "Okay..." Ning Xi indicated that she had no way to rebutt.

    But she was really curious! How was General Feng preparing to deal with her? It would probably be very exciting...

    When he looked at Ning Xi's well-nourished little face, Tang Lang could not help but mutter, "I'm just saying, apart from shooting movies, working, and earning money, you're also dating and taking care of that kid. With so much on your plate, I almost think you're being possessed by something! Before this, you wouldn't even have gone more than a week without courting disasters!"

    The disasters Tang Lang was referring to were related to her hobby of extreme sports, and she was really quite addicted. She would feel horrible if she did not dabble in such things every few days.

    Ning Xi held her chin when she heard this. Her eyes turned glassy as she lamented, "That was my old life, how boring! I was numb from having fun all day, so I could only play with my life...As for now..."

    "What about now?"

    "After meeting my beloved and little baby, my life has become very interesting every day. Of course, I don't need to court disasters anymore!"

    The moment Ning Xi finished, Tang Lang wanted to slap himself for asking! Why had he asked?!


    The Ning Xi now would not be at the bar past midnight. She would have asked to leave after staying for a short while.

    Tang Lang mumbled with dissatisfaction as he followed her out the bar.

    Ning Xi was just about to bid Tang Lang farewell when a group of youngsters dressed in heavy metal outfits noisily made their way towards them from across the road.

    The leader of the youth wore harem pants and a patterned jacket. There was a hot girl in his arms and the group looked pleased with themselves.

    When Ning Xi saw him, she instantly frowned. "Zhuang Rongguang..."

    Damn it! Did he not have a curfew? What time was it now? Why was this punk still outside?

    Zhuang Keer was so ill, it must be because she's been tortured by this punk!

    She saw that Zhuang Rongguang had answered a call by the roadside, then he hung up with an incredibly annoyed looked. He just switched off his phone and continued to hug his girl before he announced to the rest, "Homies, let's go somewhere else and continue! We're not going home until we're drunk! My treat!"

    "Woohoo!" everyone cheered, "But Guang, where are you getting the money? Isn't your card locked up at home?"

    "I lied to my sister and got it back...pfft, I even took some from her too!"

    "Your sister is so good to you!"

    "What's so good? She keeps annoying me!"


    Tang Lang saw that Ning Xi was suddenly lost in thought as she stared at the hot girl. He could not help but feel his mouth twitch. "Old habits die hard, eh? Why have you stopped in your tracks when you see a pretty girl? Is she that pretty?"

    Ning Xi rolled up her sleeves and said, "I'm not just looking, I even want to snatch her away!"