Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000: Getting Better At Games!

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At Glory World Entertainment, in Ling Zhizhi's office.

"Congratulations on wrapping up the shoot. You've worked hard!"

"It wasn't hard at all! This movie is probably one of the happiest shoots I've gone through!" Ning Xi said sincerely, her face beaming with some good memories in her thoughts.

After all, she had acted with the little devil! However, of course, she should be careful and not show too much happiness.

Ling Zhizhi looked at her with a sense of concern in her eyes.

Ning Xi noticed and quickly asked, "What's wrong, Sis Zhizhi?"

Ling Zhizhi contemplated and decided to be straightforward. "Ning Xi, let me ask you. What's up with you and Ke Mingyu?"

Ning Xi blinked. She looked calm on the outside but a storm churned in her heart. Damn it! Could itSis Zhizhi have found out!?

"Uhh...Sis Zhizhi, why would you ask?" Ning Xi questioned carefully.

"I just feel like something's odd between the both of you. Do you like Ke Mingyu?" Ling Zhizhi tried to ask.

When Ning Xi was shooting, Ling Zhizhi had also constantly gone over to accompany her, so it was inevitable for her to notice that something fishy was up. She obviously did not have any concrete evidence or else, she would not be taking on this tone right now. It was only with a woman's sixth sense that she could tell that the way Ning Xi looked at Ke Mingyu was indeed out of the ordinary.

Ning Xi subtly rubbed her chest and thought thankfully to herself that her secret was still safe. Her expression returned to nonchalance as she said, "Oh, it's just some good vibes! I like people who look cold and reserved. It makes me have the impulse to tease them!"

From Ning Xi's tone, it did not sound like she had anything on with Ke Mingyu, so Ling Zhizhi stopped worrying and said to her with displeasure, "You should still be careful. The way you look at Ke Mingyu, it's just...too blatant!"

Ning Xi coughed. "Understood! I'll be careful!"

"Here's a variety television show slot that I've just accepted for you. Take a look at it. It'll be at least another one or two months before your show goes up in the theatres, so it's the most suitable time for variety shows now or else, you'll be forgotten by the audience if you lack exposure," said Ling Zhizhi.

"Oh, oh, let me take a look!" Ning Xi took Ling Zhizhi's information sheet and skimmed through. She had only been on interview-based variety shows a few times and did not have much experience in other types of variety shows.

When she flipped open to the first page and saw the name of the variety show, Ning Xi started to take moreinterest. "Cute Baby Pair Up? The name itself sounds quite adorable!"

Ling Zhizhi briefly introduced, "It's an outdoor parent-child reality television show. The show's content creator will pair up celebrities who will experience what's it like to be a "mother" for the first time together with a cute child that they are strangers to. The life of a parent and a child will be depicted. The main draw factor is to show the other side of young idols after they are removed from their halos of celebrity life..."

Ning Xi nodded. "Oh, so it's this type of show! Understood! Before this, these shows were very popular! They've done the father version, so now they're doing a mother pairing...these television stations are getting better at games."

"This time, the director of the television station personally called to invite you to be a special guest in an episode," said Ling Zhizhi.

"Whoa! The director thinks so highly of me?" Ning Xi was elated.

"Becuase you look like you'll be the worst at taking on the maternal role."

Ning Xi was instantly dumbfounded. "On what basis!? Why can't I be a good mother?!"

"Because of your image," said Ling Zhizhi simply.

Ning Xi choked and she said angrily, "This is practically discrimination!"

The most important thing in reality television shows were conflicts. Conflicts made viewer rating skyrocket. By choosing a young and gorgeous, well-dressed female celebrity who did not know how to take care of children at all would psych the audience to want to watch how she would perform...