Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 100

    Chapter 100: Aiming For The Stars

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    "Jump straight down, quickly! Dont pretend to be a lady!" Jiang Muye urged her agitatedly.

    Ning Xis mouth twitched with speechlessness. Placing her hands on the sill, she jumped down from the window.

    Jiang Muye immediately dragged her over, spun her around a few times to see if she had any suspicious marks on her, then stared at her with bright eyes. "Did anything happen last night?"

    Ning Xi almost passed out from him spinning her round, and she said crossly, "Jiang Muye, what's wrong with you? Its still early in the morning, shouldnt you still be asleep? I was sleeping so well, what could have happened to me?"

    The veins on Jiang Muye's forehead popped violently. "Ning Xi! Are you a pig? Don't tell me you dont know how you got back here last night!"

    "I really don't know!" Ning Xi had an innocent look on her face.

    Jiang Muye took a deep breath as he calmed down. He gnashed his teeth. "How is it you havent been sold off when youre this stupid? Last night it was Lu Tingxiao who personally carried you back here!"

    Ning Xi was a bit alarmed to hear that, and immediately argued, "So what? It was definitely because darling Little Treasure was reluctant to wake me up, so he asked his father to carry me back!"

    Because it was like that time in the bar. Little Treasure wouldnt allow anyone to touch her except Lu Tingxiao, so she didn't think it was anything strange.

    Jiang Muye was half-dead with anger. "Ning Xi, cant you be a little more careful? Lu Tingxiao obviously has a thing for you, okay?"

    Ning Xi sighed deeply, then placed her hands on Jiang Muye's shoulders, and said earnestly, "Brother, this sister is aiming for the stars, I wont stop for the flowers or grass. Therefore, even if you kneel down to cry and beg me to become your Eldest Auntie, I wont give you this opportunity, okay? Please stop being delusional, go back, take a shower, and sleep!"

    Hearing this, Jiang Muyes mood became very complicated. He sighed in relief, but at the same time, looked at her with confusion. "Are you really prepared to be unmarried forever? What if you meet someone you like? Miss Little Ning Xi, your way of thinking is dangerous and no good, do you understand? Let me tell you, even though work is important, for a woman, its marriage that ah"

    Ning Xi couldnt stand it any longer and kicked him. "Jiang Muye, are you done? Did you deliberately come here topick on me? It looks like its been too long since your last beating that your body cant stand it!"

    "You just beat me up the day before yesterday!"

    "Obviously I didnt beat you enough last time. Today, this sister has to beat you into submission. Lets see if you still dare to spout nonsense all day!" Ning Xi rolled up her sleeves, ready to take action.

    Jiang Muye covered his head and fled in terror, but he suddenly looked behind her and said, "Uncle"

    Ning Xi smiled darkly. " Rescue 1 ? However hard you yell today, no one will come to rescue you!"

    Before Ning Xis devil claws dropped down, Jiang Muye shouted, "No it's my uncle!"

    Ning Xis back stiffened. She turned her head mechanically, then saw Lu Tingxiao standing against the light, dressed in a tracksuit. Sweat was rolling off his skin; it looked like he had just finished his morning run.

    Caught red-handed about to beat his nephew up, Ning Xi racked her brains, then immediately pointed at Jiang Muye and opened her mouth. "Mister Lu, this person came running early in the morningto smash your house window. In the end, I found out, and I was just about to help you beat him up!"

    Jiang Muye stared at her. "Shameless"

    "You still dare say you didn't!" Ning Xi spoke in a righteous tone.

    Lu Tingxiao reached out a hand to remove a blade of grass in the girls hair, then his big palm rubbed her head in a natural gesture. "Dont be mischievous, go wash up, its time for breakfast."

    "Yes, right away!" She made a face at Jiang Muye and ran away.

    At that moment, Jiang Muye really wanted to grab Ning Xi and yell at her: Once! Twice! Three times! Lu Tingxiao is so obvious, are your titanium alloy dog eyes blind? 2

    1. In Chinese, the words uncle and help share the same pinyin (phonetic alphabet), jiu.
    2. This is actually a pun on the actual expression , which literally translates to so bright it blinds my titanium alloy dog eyes, and describes something incredibly mind-boggling or shocking.