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    Chapter 51: She treated you like a jerk that you are

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    "Why did you change your mind?" asked Tang Li out of curiosity.

    Mo Yuhan's eyes turned soft as he calmly replied "Because our home seems empty without you.I don't want to go to the villa when you are not there."

    Tang Li's heart skipped a beat.Mo Yuhan can make her crazy just with a few words.

    She frowned as she wondered 'Ignorance is bliss.Why did I ask him when I knew that his answer would cause chaos in my poor heart? Huh!'

    After talking with him for a while, she hung up.

    Tang Li and Lin Shi decided to go for shopping.Tang Li didn't want to move back and forth just to change clothes and makeup.So, she suggested that they should buy new outfits and get changed so that they can save time.

    And Lin Shi also agreed with it.

    Royal Pearl is a renowned bar for socialites.Not everyone can afford to enter the place.Only the VIPs can afford the place and it was exclusive to rich people.

    The place was really interesting since it gave off some mysterious vibes.The interior works were fine and luxurious, it had an impeccable design.The owner of the bar is unknown and all the information regarding it is classified.Many people dream of buying it but they fail miserably.

    Tang Li, Lin Shi and Ying Yue were seated on their VIP table as they glanced towards the dance floor.

    As for the men inside the bar, all of them were looking at the table where these three beautiful goddesses were seated.

    They simply couldn't take their eyes off them but still they didn't dare to approach because they noticed two bodyguards whenever they moved closer to them.

    As for the women, they were burning with jealousy whenever they glanced at the trio who stole everyone's attention.

    Ying Yue laughed but she stopped when she noticed Tang Li's darkened face.She turned to look at Lin Shi with question marks in her eyes.

    Lin Shi sighed "Well, first Su Feng spoiled her mood.As for the second reason, you should ask her."

    Ying Yue poked Tang Li gently as she asked "Kara, what's the second reason?"

    Tang Li raised her head to look at her.Ying Yue was pouting ever so cutely and looking at her made her remember about her 'pufferfish'.Noone will be able to resist their cuteness.

    She sighed as she said "Well, I wanted to spend some quality time with my hubby."

    Ying Yue froze.The wine glass she was holding landed on the floor with a 'smash'.Due to loud music, it didn't catch any attention.Her eyes turned wide as she said "Who the hell is your hubby? Are you kidding me?"

    Tang Li looked at her as she calmly said "Well, I got married a long time ago."

    Ying Yue took deep breathes to calm herself "Why didn't you tell me? You broke my poor little heart!"

    ''Well, I was going to introduce him when you come back.But as soon as you came back, you landed yourself in the hospital.He was there with me in the hospital, yesterday."

    "Then, why did you both leave without even meeting me?" Ying Yue asked.

    Tang Li sighed "First of all, you were sleeping.Secondly, big brother was having a kissing session and we did not want to interrupt them."

    This time, the bombshell dropped by her caused both Lin Shi and Ying Yue to be in shock.They were so shocked that they couldn't utter a word.

    Lin Shi was the most speechless one.She had never seen their big bro interacting with any girl apart from the three of them and she couldn't believe it.

    Ying Yue found her voice as she said "Do you mean that he kissed Dr.Jia?"

    Tang Li nodded "Yes, he kissed my sister-in-law."

    Lin Shi and Ying Yue: ⊙_⊙ W..What? Sis..Sister what?

    Tang Li was enjoying their expressions as she continued "Yes, Mo Jia is Mo Yuhan's younger sister."

    Lin Shi was speechless.Did both the brother and sister need to covet the Mo siblings?

    As for Ying Yue, she was really confused as she asked "Mo Yuhan is your husband? What a nice coincidence.You know the CEO of Mo Empires' is also called Mo Yuhan."

    Lin Shi slightly flicked her forehead and said "Stupid, her husband is none other than the CEO of Mo Empires."

    "Oh? Then it's very nice..." the smile on her face froze as she shouted "W...What? Kara, did you really marry President Mo? Is this for real?"

    "Well, yes," Tang Li replied.

    Ying Yue smiled and held her hand as she said "Kara, I'm so happy for you.You really deserve the best."

    Tang Li's lips curved into a sweet smile as she softly said "Yes, he is the best!"

    Both Lin Shi and Ying Yue were stunned for an instant.They have never seen her smiling in such a way.Soon, a happy smile made its way on their faces as they were really happy that their best friend has found her happiness.

    In the same bar, on a certain table, three handsome VIPs were seated.

    Mo Yuhan was holding the wine glass in his hand as he glanced at his wrist watch.He just wanted to go to Tang Li and hug her.

    As for Qin Jingze, he was trying to console Su Feng who wanted to drown himself in alcohol.

    Qin Jingze sighed as he said "Su Feng, you need to calm down.You were the one who wanted to play with her but she turned the tables in the end.There is nothing wrong in it."

    "Nothing wrong in it? Are you mad? Yes, I just wanted to play with her but she has never let me touch her.Before I could try some new ways to make her mine, she spotted me making out with a woman and broke up.When she left, she never turned back to look at me but my interest was already piqued in her.She was the only woman whom I dated for more than one day.We stayed together for six months but I couldn't lay my hands on her and above all, she was the one who left me.You know how many times I called her? But she never replied no matter how I coaxed her and she even blacklisted my number.That woman is really something to treat me like this...." Su Feng babbled.

    Mo Yuhan cut off his words as he coldly said "Stop making noise."

    "Mo Yuhan, are you even my friend? Do you think what that woman did was right?" Su Feng asked.

    ''I don't know her but what she did was right.She treated you like what you are," Mo Yuhan said as he gave a snort of disgust.

    "What do you mean by she treated me like what I am? What am I?" Su Feng asked as he continued drinking his special whiskey neat. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

    Qin Jingze also looked at Mo Yuhan with anticipation to know his answer.

    Mo Yuhan unhurriedly took a sip of his red wine and nonchalantly said "Well, she treated you like a jerk that you already are."

    Su Feng spurted out the whiskey he just drank as he started coughing furiously.

    Qin Jingze was trying hard to stifle his laughter but in the end he burst out laughing "Pfft"

    Su Feng cleaned his face with tissues and turned around angrily.Instead of consoling and avenging him, his friends were rubbing salt on his wounds.

    But when he turned, he spotted someone who caught his attention.