Fishing The Myriad Heavens Chapter 524

Chapter 524 Lu Bu's Luck

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Bei Feng stretched out his hand over the edge of the cliff. Although the bottom looked like a clear drop down, it was actually completely covered by the formation, and not even an ant could hope to crawl past it.

The moment his hands touched the formation, numerous layers of spiderweb-like cracks spread out, covering the entire area.

As Bei Feng gradually increased his strength, the cracks became more pronounced; at the same time, the recoil began to press against his body.

This was a trapping formation, and could also reflect a portion of the attacks.

“This formation is truly not simple, just who is that person?” Bei Feng muttered to himself.

The formations on Tianmu Planet were all obtained from legacies passed down from outside. In addition, the formations were not complete, and formation masters were rare because of it.

However, the formation before him could not only trap a Thousand Year King, it was also not something that needed to be set up with some last-minute materials. Instead, it had been carved into formation plates, which only needed to be thrown out to activate.

This kind of formation was extremely easy and convenient to set up, but for the same grade of formation, the cost of this was several tens of times higher!

“For some reason, they didn’t take down this formation when they left. There are two biggest possibilities why they did this. First, they wanted to stop me and Gu Qi’s pursuit. The second possibility”

Bei Feng retracted his palm and furrowed his brows. The second reason was probably that they wanted to trap himself and Gu Qi here while they went to gather backup.

Bei Feng turned around, and asked, “Gu Qi, can you break this formation?”


Gu Qi did no say anything, and directly raised its hand, drawing a blood-red sword out of thin air.

A powerful aura surged around Gu Qi, filled with a sharp edge. With Gu Qi as the center, the ground 20 meters around it began to crack.

“Grand sword stance?!”

Bei Feng stood to the side, somewhat in a daze. Although he’d witnessed the fight between Gu Qi and Chi Lin, he was mostly engrossed in analyzing the Thousand Crane technique.

Bei Feng felt extremely curious. How did a rabbit awaken a sword spirit power ability?

Gu Qi’s movements were incredibly domineering at this time, and its aura was shocking!

All the essence and spirit power in its body were gathering and building up into the sword; as long as there was enough time, it would not be difficult to skip levels to kill an opponent.

But, normally, others would not be so dumb as to give their opponent so much time to store their power. Without being very proficient with it, this technique would not provide much aid.

The most widely circulated power-storing-type attacks were sword drawing techniques.

Although sword drawing techniques might seem like just some skillful maneuver for unsheathing the sword from the scabbard, there were still dazzling characters who relied on this uncommon technique to rise to the peak.

It was actually a very profound techniqueone poured the entirety of their spirit and strength into the sword before drawing the sword out and unleashing everything all at once. However, once the sword flashed out, it needed to be returned to its scabbard to consolidate the Qi flow.

From what Bei Feng studied in the ancient records, there were actually some martial experts who cultivated the sword drawing technique so well that they did not even need to return the sword to its scabbard to unleash another strike. Every single strike was done with the power of the sword drawing technique!

Although the strikes were slightly weaker than those during which the sword was returned to the scabbard each time, it was superior in the sense that each sword stroke’s strength was greatly empowered, allowing one to easily fight across ranks.

Bei Feng looked at Gu Qi’s actions with a heavy expression. The pressure generated by that sword stance was growing stronger and stronger, to a point where even he felt the hairs on his body rising.

Of course, he knew that there was a limit to storing power. One could not continue storing power endlessly. Looking at Gu Qi, it should be near its limit now.

If one held the stance for longer than the limit allowed, they would either suffer a heavy rebound of the energy, or the sword strike’d be even weaker than if they did not store up any power.


A loud sword keen rang out, and Bei Feng only saw a blindingly dazzling light flash past his eyes.

When he looked up again, he saw that the blood-red sword had already disappeared from the gangster rabbit’s hand.


A sharp, crisp sound rang out as if an egg’s shell had been shattered.

The formation around them continuously flickered in and out of sight, while large cracks lined its surface.

This sword stroke was simply too fast, to a point where the formation could not even react in time before it was shattered!

Bei Feng looked at the shattered formation, his face furrowed deep in thought. “To focus on a single path instead of many; walking down that road to the extreme end is seemingly not any weaker than any powerful abilities. To be a jack of all trades, and master of none, instead consigns one to mediocrity!”

On the side, the gangster rabbit Gu Qi narrowed its eyes, and looked at Bei Feng as if considering if it should also give that human a stab as well.

But, in an instant, danger flooded its head, and it simply rolled its eyes and turned around. It knew that it’d already fallen into the pit, and could no longer extricate itself.

In that moment, Gu Qi’s interest disappeared, and it sat down on its fat bottom, nibbling on a carrot.

‘My path is still too cluttered. I thought that if I knew a little bit of everything, I would have more ways to deal with my opponents. That was indeed the case for me so far. But that’s also because I haven’t met a truly formidable expert yet.

‘Jack of all trades, master of none. I don’t have a single ability that could truly be called powerful. If I come across a truly formidable expert, it’ll be easy to suffer a loss. Even if I displayed a thousand different techniques, the opponent would only need a single technique to tear past everything.’

Bei Feng’s mind moved quickly, and countless thoughts and inspirations flashed in his mind.

‘Then, which ability of mine can be considered the best?’Bei Feng thought seriously.

He felt as if he’d grasped onto something, but also as if he hadn’t comprehended anything.

“Ai, I was so close.”

Bei Feng shook his head, and slowly opened his eyes. He was only a tiny bit away from comprehending something.


The gangster rabbit dropped the carrot in its hand, and crawled up from the ground.

“We’re leaving.”

Although Bei Feng was a little disappointed, he felt a lot better when he looked at the gangster rabbit. He had still profited greatly this time.

Not only did he obtain the Celestial Emperor Bamboo, he even subdued a Thousand Year King realm Demonic Beast!

Even in the entire Tianhuang City, there were probably less than a hundred Thousand Year Kings.

Although this number sounded like a lot, it was actually an incredibly low percentage as compared to the total population of Tianhuang City.

Without at least one Thousand Year King realm expert overseeing it, no faction could be called a proper family or clan. Hundred Year realm cultivators were only minor nuisances in the eyes of these powerful experts.

Bei Feng brought the gangster rabbit Gu Qi with him and left. Seeing the uncountable gangster rabbit corpses along the mountain, a trace of sorrow flashed across Gu Qi’s eyes.

Bei Feng watched silently, not saying anything. This was a problem that he could do nothing about. One could only blame themselves for being too weak to protect what they valued.


The gangster rabbit waved its hand; numerous balls of blood-red energy flew out in all directions, digging out large pits in the medicinal garden. After that, the bodies of the gangster rabbits were buried.

Bei Feng did not ask Gu Qi why it did not take action earlier, and perhaps lessen the casualties of its kind. Most likely, it had its own reason for that.

The two continued descending the mountain solemnly. Along the way, the unlucky humans who were on their way up were all slaughtered by Gu Qi.

When they reached the foot of the mountain, Bei Feng could feel that this dimensional space had already deteriorated significantly, and was verging on collapse.

At the time when he first came here, the mountain feet was green and full of life. But, at this time, all the life here had wilted, and the rich soil had lost all its vitality, turning gray and dry.

The three mountains were like the heart of the dimensional space. Each mountain carried a powerful formation; otherwise, a regular mountain would have collapsed long ago during Gu Qi and Chi Lin’s fight.

But, from the looks of the situation now, this dimensional space would directly collapse as soon as the three mountains were corroded by the annihilative Qi.

“I wonder how Lu Bu is doing.”

Bei Feng’s figure blurred as, with a light step, he shot out several hundred meters into the distance. Behind him, the gangster rabbit Gu Qi’s figure followed closely.

At this time, Lu Bu’s body was riddled with injuries. A terrible wound stretched from his waist, nearly separating him in half.

A silverish white double-sided halberd rested atop a stone platform. The halberd was a traditional weapon, with moon-shaped curved blades connected to a sharp spear. It was a mid-ranged weapon, able to stab, slash, and chop. Halberds could be single-sided, or double-sided. The single-sided ones were called Dragon Halberds, while the double-sided ones were called Heavenly Halberds.

This Heavenly Halberd was one zhang long, completely silver white in color, and covered in intricate patterns. The two curved blades gleamed coldly, and beautiful sharp light flowed along the edges, seemingly merging into the spear.

The Heavenly Halberd was decorated like a painting, and also called the Heavenly Drawing Halberd. Heavenly Halberds belonged to the heavy weapons class, and was different from lances, spears, and other light weapons. Its uses were many and complicated, and it had a great requirement on strength and technique. It was like a combination of light and heavy weapons.

The instant Lu Bu saw this Heavenly Halberd, he could not tear his eyes away from it. He completely forgot about his injuries as he walked forward slowly step by step, finally stretching his hand out and gently touching the beautiful weapon.

Countless grain-sized scales covered the entire halberd’s body, but it didn’t feel uncomfortable to the touch at all. Instead, it felt completely attuned to the shape of his palms.

To a martial cultivator, a good weapon was no less appealing than a beautiful girl in fact, it might be even more enticing!

Lu Bu’s blood stained the halberd as he gripped it tightly. Without him knowing it, the blood began to be absorbed into the halberd.

“Weng, weng!”

The Heavenly Halberd on the platform started to vibrate gently, emanating a sharp keen like a tiger’s howl and a dragon’s roar.

A dazzling light shot out of the Heavenly Halberd, along with a powerful pressure!

But to Lu Bu, the pressure felt completely different. His eyes were shut, and a trace of smile hung on his face.

The Heavenly Halberd floated upwards slowly, suspended in midair. Numerous black chains began to materialize around it, and if one counted carefully, they would see over nine chains.

As the Heavenly Halberd vibrated, the immaterial black chains also clanged loudly.



Two bright sounds rang out, and two of the thick black chains that bound the Heavenly Halberd suddenly broke apart!

As the two chains broke, the Heavenly Halberd suddenly became akin to a tyrannical beast released from its cage. It turned even fiercer and manic!