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    Chapter 129: Trouble In Paradise

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    Lu Jian was troubled to see the bad side of his mother personally. It was like all the cloud from his mind was completely disappearing as his mother's ugly face was revealing in front of him. It was painful to see the mother he respected from his childhood was like this and had never cared about him or their family for a second. His father's pain and his wife's humiliation was nothing in her eyes as long as she could do whatever she wanted to do in her life. "Mom!" He shouted at his mother. He has enough of her bullshit and would not allow her to do her bidding anymore. "What?" Lu Qiqi raised her eyes at her son. This was the first time ever in her life that he had outspoken her. She was happy that he was no longer that little boy who craved her attention and was a determined man. It was all thanks to this woman that knew about her secret. If Zhen Xiu had not witnessed her then probably they would be a happy family by now because of the changes in her son. "Do I need to explain my whereabouts to you? You are my son; it's not the other way around. So, mind your own business. Don't teach me how to live my own life." Lu Ming was astonished to hear such bitter words from her mouth. He knew that she hated him and his family for forcing her to keep that child which in turn has stopped her to go after her dreams but it was too much to behave like this at her son. However, he never expected that she would be so unreasonable towards her own son that cared about her more than his life. "Lu Qiqi! It's enough. Don't cross your line as a mother. I will not tolerate that so keep your mouth in check." Lu Ming warned her. Zhen Xiu who was watching the entire scene leisurely was dumbstruck to see her father-in-law in action. He was amazing when he defended his own son from his wife. She thought that he was the silent type of man that always listened to his wife. It was a nice change that she liked in him. She saw the deep pain in his eyes while he was reminding her-the old hag on how to properly behave in front of her only son. After all, this woman needed a good lesson for the course of being a good mother. Her father-in-law was quite pitiful to have her as his wife. Zhen Xiu felt bad for him. Lu Qiqi was somewhat similar to her own mother in her previous life that has placed 'love' and 'care' over everything and anything. "No need to shout. You all should sit around and discuss everything patiently. I will go and arrange the breakfast." Zhen Xiu calmly ordered around and this was the thing that was missing from the scene. Lu Qiqi hatefully glared at her daughter-in-law who was pretending to be a good woman. She knew that this countrywoman was just trying to sow discord among them and was even trying to fire off the argument while deliberately trying to offer a peaceful solution. Mother Lu was completely right in her prediction as Zhen Xiu was just doing this to fuel their argument to a more higher level. "No! It's not about argument anymore but her poor behavior towards her family members. Moreover, she was disrespectful towards the heir so she has to take responsibility for her words." Lu Ming coldly mentioned this and turned towards his wife. "Lu Jian is not only your son but the heir to Lujia so cease this attitude at once." He was waiting for her to apologize to their son not because he was the heir but because she was wrong in treating her son like a roadside dogy. Lu Qiqi could not believe her ears as her husband who patiently tolerated her every whim and command was asking her to apologize and that too in front of this hateful woman. It was clearly Zhen Xiu firing of their argument and Lu Jian was supporting her then so why was she the one who was asked to apologize? "I will not do that. Never, I will never do it." She immediately disagreed and wanted to leave the house for a while and cool her mind. Everything was a mess in here and her secret was still intact so she was afraid of revealing more about it if she remained close to her daughter-in-law so she has decided to leave the house as soon as possible to calm her mind. "I'll be going out since you guys don't welcome me home." Lu Qiqi turnaround to leave the house when and her husband ordered her to stop in her steps. His voice was loud and clear and was filled with determination to make a final choice. "Stop it! You have to apologize or leave this house entirely." The voice was clear and the intention was also clear but deep down it carried opening of sadness and hurt. This was difficult for father Lu. He has always tried to maintain a peaceful life by abiding the rules of his wife but now she was crossing the line by not following the proper protocol of Lujia. It was her fault yet she was behaving like a victim. It must be because of his overindulgence in these years that she has completely forgotten about her identity and her role as the Head lady of Lujia. Lu Qiqi never expected in her life that her husband would issue such an unbelievable order for her just to satisfy the family rules. She has always hated those rules which have turned her life upside down. "If that's what you want." She agreed with him without giving this a further thought. It was an unbelievable sight for Zhen Xiu. She could not believe the daring inside this old woman. She was worthy of respect. Looks like, there was more to her then she shows; her sudden act to leave the house looks completely strange. She could leave the house just to satisfy her opinion. Why was she doing all this? It can't be because of her ego. Otherwise, she would not have stayed in this house for the past thirty years. It must be something else that has provoked her to move out of this house. Zhen Xiu was sure of it. "Wait! Mother! You can't leave." She surprised everyone inside the room when she asked Lu Qiqi to stop. If anyone profited from her departure would be Zhen Xiu herself then why was she not willing to send her out wonder Lu Qiqi. Why did she stop her?