Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 745

Chapter 745: Exterminating The Immortal Realm (6)

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The Immortal Master stood tall on thin air and raised his sword high before slashing it mercilessly down at Gu Ruoyun's skull. His eyes were filled with murderous intent.


Gu Ruoyun seemed to have eyes at the back of her head as she blocked the attack with a wave of her longsword. A fiery light erupted along with a great wave of spiritual energy, destroying everything around the two opponents.


The Immortal Master scoffed coldly. His arm flexed as he pushed violently at Gu Ruoyun's sword.

Gu Ruoyun's feet dug furrows in the groundunder the sheer force of his powerbut she never loosened her grip and continued to clutch her sword tightly in her hand. She then gathered all her power and directed it towards her sword.

A violent wind blew and her green robes danced in the air.

The wind immediately destroyed the remainder of her robes but she did not seem to notice and persisted in sending all her power into the longsword. Suddenly, the sword was engulfed in a red hurricane with a scorching heat that promises armageddon.

"I could care less about what the Immortal Realm has done but this time, you've done something that you should never have even considered!"


The Immortal Master was shaken but before he could regain his senses, the red hurricane in Gu Ruoyun's sword hurled towards him, instantly surrounding his body.

However, despite the time-consuming technique, a ray of light soon shot out from the red hurricane and divided it into half, causing it to disperse into the void.

However, the crowd was stunned when they saw the person who had emerged from the hurricane.

The previously elegant and saintly-looking man now looked torn and tattered. His hair was a complete messas if he had just crawled out from a rubbish heap. His entire being no longer carried the originally dignified stature of the Immortal Master.

He was now thoroughly enraged and his cold, hard features had become utterly furious. If anyone ignorant of the situation were to see his face now, they would immediately assume that Gu Ruoyun had just killed his entire family.

"Gu Ruoyun!!!"

He gritted his teeth as he spat.

Ever since I've become the Immortal Master, I've always been treated with reverence and respect.

However, not only is this woman before me threatening to destroy the Immortal Realm, she has humiliated me in front of so many people! She has crossed the line!

"Hehe." Suddenly, he smiled. This smile did not contain any of his previous arrogance, it was instead filled with anger and hatred, "If you're truly skilled, you should have no problems in laying down your spiritual weapon and fighting properly with me! If it wasn't for that spiritual weapon in your hand, you'd have no chance of defeating me!"

Gu Ruoyun shot him a cold glare and spat icily, "Idiot."


This woman has the audacity to humiliate me by calling me an idiot!

The Immortal Master was completely insulted. He no longer cared about his elegant public image as he charged towards Gu Ruoyun like a mad man.

"I'm going to kill you! I'll make you understand that anyone who opposes the Immortal Realm will be rewarded with a bad end!"

An infinite amount of power erupted, carrying an aura so powerful that it could bring about the armageddon!

The Immortal Master gathered all his power to the front of his body and threw it all down mercilessly towards Gu Ruoyun.


The white dragon charged out of the sword once again. It rose up in one leap and directed its dragon's breath towards the Immortal Master.

Previously, the white dragon may not have been able to defeat the Immortal Master. However, with Gu Ruoyun's upgrade in power, the powers of the spiritual weapon were also increased by another level as well.

As such, after coming into contact with this scorching heat, the Immortal Master's body suddenly became sluggish and fell from the sky, crashing heavily into the ground!